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Zesty Burger Sauce

zesty burger sauce

Special Sauce. (Insert Name of Restaurant) Sauce. Fancy Sauce. Fry Sauce. Big Mac Sauce. Every single one of these means the same thing. All of these sauces (at their base) are interpretations of Thousand Island. Now, now, now, if you’re a lover of Big Mac Sauce, there is no tomato element which is needed for Thousand Island, hence, “interpretation”! Anywho, I really wanted a Classic Burger, for literally 2 weeks, sooooo, I made my own Zesty Burger Sauce! READ ON FOODIES!

The Sauce

The reason this makes the perfect sauce for not only Burgers, but French Fries, and other Sandwiches, it is a mixture of condiments that you already put on them! At it’s base, you have Ketchup, Mayo, and Mustard. In all honesty, you could stop there and have a pretty solid sauce. Don’t be a pansy…BEEF THAT SAUCE UP! Throw in a kick of acid with Apple Cider Vinegar. Use Olive Oil Mayo instead of regular for an even richer flavor. Add a tiny amount of smoke with Paprika! Instead of Pickle Relish, toss in some Bell Pepper Relish. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES FOR THIS ZESTY BURGER SAUCE!

The Stack

Sesame Bun: There isn’t a bun more classic for a Burger than a Sesame Bun! (Maybe be like me and fry the Bun in some Bacon fat…)
Dill Pickle: The added texture and punch of acid help relieve from all of the richness!
Zesty Burger Sauce: See previous paragraph.
Romaine: Usually, I would choose a different green but like I said, I wanted a classic. Romaine Lettuce brings that crispness. Logical choice!
Burger: A 1/3 lb. 85/15 Patty liberally seasoned with Garlic Powder, Paprika, Black Pepper, and Salt. Seared off in a cast iron pan with Bacon Grease and Butter!
Cheddar: Normally, Sharp Cheddar would do but there was a sale on Smoked Sharp Cheddar! Couldn’t ask for a more perfect cheese!
Red Onion: That punch of fresh! Keep reading for the onion tip!
Beef Steak Tomato: Added freshness and juiciness!


  1. Use whole Buns! The cutting takes a little extra time but they’re just better. Also, FRY THE BUN IN BACON GREASE…OR BUTTER!
  2. Rough chopped Romaine is the only way to go for a Classic Burger!
  3. Place Red Onion in cold water! It tames the Red Onion down and keeps them crisp.
  4. Use quality cheese! I’ve seen (and tasted) so many Burgers that use bland Cheese and it does absolutely nothing but add the L.B.’s to that summer bod.

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