Wisconsin’s Best Bloody Mary Festival-Judge Edition

Bloody Mary Tailgate

Bloody Mary’s And College Football…Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate.

Bloody Mary’s are a staple in the life of a Tailgater, a Foodie, and a Tailgate Foodie. Earlier this year, I just so happened to win some tickets to the “WI’s Best Bloody Mary-Madison” (Check out some of the Bloody Mary’s in the Madison area! CLICK ON THE RED!) My wife and I went, drank our weights in Bloody Mary’s, ate some awesome food, and went on our merry way. Little did I know that a couple months later, that little write up would lead to this GREAT weekend! Not only did I get to hang out at an awesome brewery I have reviewed before (Hinterland…<—Remember what to do??), I got the opportunity to Judge a Bloody Mary Competition with Lambeau Field literally right across the street! Life, right?! But the journey continues for The Best Bloody Mary.

WI’s Best Bloody Mary V.I.P. Event

It’s Almost Like I Made My Logo After Someone??

When I found out that I was wanted as a Judge, to say I was stoked is the biggest understatement ever! I even decided to make a new logo and T-Shirts just for the event! But in all honesty, I really wanted to do this right and be a good judge. I only took the really big bribes…(JK!)

I am only fully reviewing MY TOP 3!

Old School Bar-Green Bay, WI

the best bloody mary: old school bloody mary
Not Only Was This Bloody Mary Top Notch, So Was The Owner Of Old School! Such A Cool Dude!

Looking at this Bloody Mary, I had to agree with the owner (Andy is the Shit!). It doesn’t look like anything special, but hot damn, don’t judge a book by it’s cover! The Bloody Mary itself had many different flavors that made it complex, but not one flavor overpowered the others. In my opinion, the only thing that would make this bloody even better would be to add a little more heat. A nice little kick at the end would have gotten them a perfect 60/60 for me! Again, going by looks, the garnish was just kind of there. After drinking the best Bloody Mary, everything on that little stick added to the experience! Instead of the classic dill pickle, you get a bread-and-butter pickle. Unlike many Bloodies, BAM! Cocktail Onion. What a great flavor enhancer. And the best part, the marinated Mushrooms. To me, it tasted like they were soaked in “W” Sauce (Worcestershire Sauce) and Brown Sugar. SOOOOO GOOOOOD! 59/60

Richard Cranium’s-Green Bay, WI

richard cranium bloody mary
Can We Talk About The Name “Richard Cranium’s”?

In my opinion, this was the only Bloody that had any amount of heat… and they perfectly paired that heat with a killer Bloody Mary mix! It was super tasty, and the heat was FAR from overwhelming. And the texture…oh, the texture. Nice and thick! The garnish was exactly what you come to expect from Bloody Mary’s. Pickle. Meat Stick. Mushroom. Olive. Cheese Stick. This is not me complaining! I love getting down on those garnishes! Plus, these peeps were cool as shit. 57/60

Big T’s Saloon-Eau Claire, WI

bloody mary with big garnish
“Shake That Laffy Taffy, That Laffy Taffy, That Laffy Taffy, GIIIIRRRRLL!” -D4L

This bloody definitely went over-the-top on the garnish, but it grabbed my attention, and I stayed for the Bloody! The mixture was TASTY! Once again, I could have used a little more heat to really round this bad boy out, but it was soooo good. For me (and again, I am one person ), I think that planning out how the garnish itself goes with the Bloody, instead of throwing everything on it, would have really helped! However, the fact that they put a Laffy Taffy on it was so funny to me… we’ll just call it the pallet cleanser! 55/60

The Other Bloodies

  1. Hinterland Brewery: Was there Taco Sauce in this?? Creativity at it’s finest!
  2. Pepi’s: My #1 at Madison! Still loved their Bloody! Tied for Third at 55/60
  3. St. Brendan’s: I told them one of the Bloodies was for my wife, he filled it with vodka… haha
  4. Wooden Shoe: Good Bloody…Fantastic Over-The-Top Garnishes! Really well thought out, in my opinion.

I really have to say, being a Judge made this whole event super different yet more fun for me! I loved my interactions with the vendors and everyone around me. Gregg, if you read this, thanks again!

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