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Hell yea! We did it! We made it to chili season again! F*** Christmas, Chili season is the most wonderful time of the year! I’ve started this paragraph with too many exclamation marks! My punctuation digresses. Chili season opens up a realm of fun for me and it also means it is my favorite season. Football season…eh hum… I mean, Fall. Fall is my favorite season. There is the Wisco way of throwing some beans in it. The Texas way of no beans. The Colorado/New Mexico way: Green. Here is to the one that some don’t even call a chili: White Bean Chicken Chili!


chicken, beans, corn, peppers

F*** yea! I really don’t care what anyone says, by definition: a thick sauce of meat and chilies. That’s literally from Webster’s! If I am not mistaken, I see Chicken Thighs, I see Poblanos, and I see Jalapenos…DON’T LET THOSE PEOPLE IN TEXAS MAKE YOU THINK YOU’RE WRONG! A Chili can take the form of many things and White Bean Chicken Chili is one of those!

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White Bean Chicken Chili

white bean chicken chili from above

In order to be happy at a fall tailgate, you need to have a warm belly. Well, now I’m just lying to you. A warm belly is great, but if you just slam 1000 beers, you’ll feel warm everywhere…to each their own! WHY NOT DO BOTH?! (*Don’t actually slam 1000 beers you idiot, you’ll die. Even if you’re from Wisconsin*) Anywho, this fits the exact definition of warming up ones belly! The heat from actually warming up the White Bean Chicken Chili WITH the addition of the Poblano and Jalapenos…hell-to-the-f*** yes!

white bean chicken chili

I mean, just look at it. LOOK AT IT! The Chicken Thighs are glorious! And if you use Breasts…just…just leave (I’m just joking! Please stay! I need to lower my bounce rate!). The veggie mixture of Corn, Poblanos, Green Chilis, Yellow Onion, and Northern White Beans are just a combo created by Bart Starr himself! Now, add a decedent ass broth…oh…my…golly…goshness. A single bite with change your life. A full bowl, well, you’ll just have to try the recipe to see what you get from that.

*Beer Pairing*


The Lone Girl Brewing Co.

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Season your Chili like The Tailgate Foodie!

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