Twice Fried Plantains (Tostones)-Not Just For The Caribbean

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Twice Fried Plantains

twice fried plantains

These are legit, one of my favorite snacks I have ever made! The best thing about them, you can make them savory or sweet! To dumb it down, there are 2 different kinds of plantains: Green and Maduro (Ripe). I personally LOVE Maduro Plantains on everything. Even if it is a savory dish, throw on a Sweet Maduro Plantain. There is a BIG difference between a Fried Plantain and a Twice Fried Plantain. *Insert Dad joke about it being double* A single Fried Plantain isn’t smashed and looks like a Fried Banana. A Twice Fried Plantain (Tostone), is smashed down and looks more like a thick chip. Make the Twice Fried…they’re the perfect app!

Time For Some Learning

maduro plantains

Alright, when I was talking about Maduro before, this is what they should look like on the outside. You want some yellow and some black. Normally, people use Green Plantains when making savory dishes and Maduro with Sweets. I just use the Maduro and season with some Savory. My reason…cuz I’m weird…and also, I’ve always enjoy the balance sweet WITH savory brings.

But Dean, What Should I Serve These With?

These are the things that I actually made with these particular Twice Fried Plantains.

Mango Habanero BBQ Sauce-Perfect combo of sweet and heat!
Jerk Chicken Sliders-The slight crunch, the sweetness, and the Jerk Rub…
Jamaican Jerk Rub-So many ingredients, so worth the 5 minutes!

Click the RED to see the Jerk Chicken Slider recipes!

Even though these Twice Fried Plantains are more Caribbean and tropical, they place well with others, too! Some of my favorites to dip these into are different flavored Mayo’s. My personal favorites will always have a little kick to them!

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