The Foodie Takes On: The Phoenix Open (The Waste Management Open)

January 29th-February 2nd, 2020

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The PGA has tournaments that bring pride to all of golf. The Master’s in Augusta, The Open Championship in Great Britain, and The Player’s Championship at TPC Sawgrass in Florida. Then you have, well, you have the redheaded step child that is: The Phoenix Open, A.K.A. The Waste Management Open, A.K.A. The Wasted Management Open.

The Real Life Golf Times

hole 12 phoenix open

The Phoenix Open is VERY military friendly. So, when I found out they were just throwing around free tickets for myself and a plus one, I thought: “Hell, I’ve never been to Phoenix. LET’S PARTY!”

This would be my first ever PGA event! In the months leading up to The Waste Management Open, I researched and researched about how we should watch the tourney. I knew about the party mentality and wanted to take part, BUT, I wanted to watch some of my favorite golfers, too! There aren’t many posts or blogs out there to tell you how to actually watch golf at TPC Scottsdale… so, here is my write up!

  1. Traveling: Just get an Uber or a Lyft. You will regret your entire existence if you don’t abide by this one rule.
  2. GET THERE EARLY! Tee times started at 9AM on Saturday morning. We got there a little before 8 and missed A LOT of the crowd!
  3. Grab some goods while you’re up front. The concession stands don’t open until 9AM on the back. If you don’t want to carry them, just be patient and you’ll be one of the first people in line.
  4. Instantly walk towards the Back 9. The crowds hang out right up front and many don’t move from there. This allows you the ability to watch some amazing golf like the pictures above.
  5. If you follow these rules, head to “The Ridge”! It is right in between Hole 6 and Hole 12. (That’s where the first pic in the blog comes from.) This is such an amazing location because you get to see it all. The first groups came through Hole 12 in about 30 minutes.
  6. Don’t follow the zombie like hoards following the big players! Stay a hole a head and get WAY closer to their tee offs or putting (JUST LOOK AT MY PICS TO PROVE THIS!).
  7. Make sure to hold down your spot. People try to infiltrate. Protect at ALL costs!
  8. DON’T try and get autographs from the players during the tourney. That makes you an asshole.
  9. Banter with the workers and *some* caddies is very entertaining.
  10. Yelling things after players hit the ball is dumb…unless, you say something funny. Then you can make J.T. smile after missing a 4 foot Par putt. “I SHOT AN 88 YESTERDAY! JUST BE HAPPY YOU’RE NOT ME, JT!” -Man From Crowd
  11. Bring SUNSCREEN! The sun is evil and you are albino.
  12. Pick up a Portable Phone Charger. They are a life saver.

Come For The Golf, Pass Out From The Booze

hole 16 the phoenix open

Oh, the 8th Wonder of the Man Made World! Hole 16 at The Phoenix Open. Where workers have to pick up beer cans thrown onto the course after a hole-in-one. Where, if you don’t hit it within 10 feet, you’re for sure getting booed. And, sometimes, players will address the ball, step back, pump up the crowd, and then plant it with 2 feet. It is a hole unlike any other in all of golf. It is a literal party. You’ll see the weirdest outfits, people that should’ve been cut off hours prior, and some really fun golf.

This year we did not attend “The Party”, even though we heard it from everywhere on the course. With only being there for a single day, it wasn’t worth the time and effort of getting in there. I wanted some real golf in my life. Butttt, we did decide to host our own party!

Keeping That B.A.C. Evened Out

arnold palmer spiked hole 18 the phoenix open

This drink right here, is the perfect drink when there is no shade, it is 75F out, and you don’t want to get f****d up. I like to call this a John Daly, but, apparently they decided some no name named “Arnold Palmer” deserved the name sake, lol. Just a few more tips for the Boozing!

  1. A single person can only purchase/carry 2 drinks! They have to see your friends that you’re buying for in order to buy more than 2. Don’t be an asshole and act like you’re special by asking if they would allow it, “Just For You…”. THEY *CLAP* DON’T *CLAP* KNOW *CLAP* YOU!
  2. The bartenders hook you up if you’re not being an asshole, too! Oh, you tip well and they’ve seen you a few times…here’s a free Arny Palmy. You’re not being all pissy with them like the person in front of you, you may just get to skip them (and laugh in their face).
  3. Try as hard as you can to stick to these big ass cans. They take a while to drink and if you’re watching the golf times, you won’t lose your spot.
  4. Always get the maximum amount of drinks you can, unless it is your last one and you’re getting ready to role out. You’ll regret it once those lines hit!
hole 12 the phoenix open

Have fun, drink a couple, two tree beers, and absorb as much Vitamin D as possible. Watch some amazing golf in a gorgeous location while getting loaded. What a good event!

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