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Chili Season Is In Full Swing!

Wait…Some Places Don’t Put Beans In Their Chili??

Let’s be real, the entire season of “Fall” and the beginning, middle, and end of “Winter” are made for one type of food: Chili! In the food world, there is a huge battle between one specific part of Chili. Whether or not beans belong in Chili. Some other fights consist of types of Chili and again, whether or not they are even Chili. (i.e. White Chicken Chili, Chili Verde, Cincy Chili etc.) Earlier this year, we’ll call it 2 weeks ago, I wanted to cook my way through the different styles. This includes adding and subtracting sides and different ingredients in those different Chili’s! To start off, I decided to take my chance on the Bean-less wonder that is: Texas Red Chili!

Texas Red Chili=NO BEANS!

Honestly, Chili Purists Are Going To Hate The Accompaniment Of The Extra’s, Too.

Having never eaten, let alone made, Texas Red Chili (only my Award Winning Chili! <—CLICK the Red!), I wanted to do some research as to what I needed to prep for. I obviously knew that if I mentioned throwing any kind of bean in here, I would be hung up by my feet and beaten with a stick. Was there any other rules that I needed to follow, though? Yea…and I probably broke some. Buuuuut, I did it for a reason I swear (and I decided to loosely interpret one of the rules)!

“If you know beans about Chili, then you know Chili ain’t got no beans.”
-All Texans (ever)

In this definition, I don’t see anything about adding Green and Red Bell Peppers or Sour Cream, Cheese, or Avocado, so here we are! Let’s get into it!

Peppers For Days

Five to be exact! There is a reason for them all!

Guajillo and Ancho: Smoky flavor and some kick!
Jalapeno: Extra heat.
Red Bell: Added sweetness to balance the heat!
Green Bell: Earthiness with pepper taste.

The fun (and somewhat time consuming) thing about the Guajillo and Ancho is that they start off dry. In order to get them going, you have to rehydrate them. I will remind you of this later but, START THE REHYDRATING PROCESS FIRST! Before prepping anything, get those peppers in some hot water.

The Reason I Cry At Night

It Is So Hard To Just Not Make These Into Caramelized Onions!

Personally, I absolutely love Red Onions. I use them whenever I need an Onion in a recipe. Yellow Onion vs. Red Onions aren’t different to me, pretty much at all. White Onions are SHARP! And Green Onion is the perfect garnish.

The Texas Red Chili

Chili In The Dutch Oven. Perfect For The Dutch Oven To Make Later…

With ALL Chili is, the longer you let it simmer, the better it will taste. This isn’t just to let the flavors meld but also to cook out some of the acid created by the Tomatoes. Don’t get me wrong, this is SO good right away but after letting it simmer for about 2 hours, it was noticeably better. Also, if you have time, let it sit in the fridge for the night and rewarm in the Dutch Oven the next day!

Overall, Texas Red Chili is pretty great! The time and effort that I put into it was worth the end result! And honestly, it wasn’t that hard to leave the beans out…


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