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Let’s be real, there are about 50,000 ways to cook a burger. All MOST of these ways are perfect in their own way. Me, THEE Tailgate Foodie, I prefer a Smash Burger. Crispy edges, almost no chance of a bland ass burger, and still SO juicy! I am ever so lucky to have a Blackstone on my deck, sooooo here is how to do the not so difficult, Tailgate Smash Burger (with Caramelized Onions and a zesty Burger Sauce 🤤)

What’s difference between a Burger and Smash Burger?

Honestly, just that. The act of “smashing”. To me, the patty has to be 1/3 lb. or less. If you get higher than that, you’ll have a perfect sear and raw beef in the middle. If you’re into that, get after it. Also, this is just my definition, you’re not going to have a lot of bells and whistles added to the top. Smash Burgers are meant to showcase the crispy, beefy flavors. Additions should be to accentuate those flavors, not mask. Annnnd, now I’ll get off my horsey.


My biggest suggestion for these types of burgers, get yourself a burger press. They come in all different styles, and they make sure that you get the perfect burger EVERY TIME! Other than that (and honestly, you don’t even need a burger press!), you just need a frying pan/cast iron/flat top and some meat.

The Toppers

Remember when I said toppings should accentuate the Smash Burger. I’ve got JUST the thing for you: Caramelized Onions and Zesty Burger Sauce. Caramelized Onion add a perfect little sweetness and the Burger Sauce (high end Thousand Island if we’re being honest with each other 😂) adds an acidic punch to get through all that fat!

**Don’t forget, your phone eats first! When you decide to make these absolute
FLAVOR BOMB BURGERS, snag a pic and tag us!**

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