Surly Brewing Company Pt. 1-What To Drink and Munch On

Thee Best Brewery In The Nation…IMO

surly brewing company beer hall
God, I Love This Place. It Feels Like Home!

After going through the phase of thinking Keystone was fine and that Rolling Rock and Killian’s were good “craft” beers, my liver was introduced to real craft beer. For beers lovers, this is a life altering event. To find THAT brewery. THAT brewery for me was Surly Brewing Company. It started off with a love of Furious and transferring that love to my favorite beer of all time: Todd The Axeman! Now, I am crushing beers like Yummi Bear, Xtra Citra, Darkness, and my favorite sour, Pentagram. But, but, but, I bet their beer is the only good part of their brewery! WRONG! ULTRA WRONG! “SHUT YOUR MOUTH, YOU SOUND STUPID” WRONG! The Surly Brewing Menu is beyond top notch and creative, plus, they gots the ‘za! (While writing this, I have decided I want my ashes dumped here.)

The Beers

Literally, every time I have gone to Surly, when the waiter/waitress comes by, I just shout, “GIVE ME THE AXEMAN!” Don’t worry, I tip them well annnnd I don’t actually shout at anyone. The Axeman (CLICK the Red for the Review!) went down smooth and fantastically. Like the good little foodie I am, I got another beer. Not only was the next beer something I had never had but one that was the suggested pairing for my Sandwich! Yummi Bear was just a good, old school West Coast IPA. Fairly citrusy but a punch of bitterness to finish. (And, DAMN were they correct to pair it with the Pig Pile!) Lastly, the Pentagram wasn’t mine 🙁 but everyone in their right mind knows I wrestled it out of Kait’s hands to get a nip! She actually just offered me some but that is neither here, nor there. ON TO THE SURLY BREWING MENU! (Check out more Boozes reviews!)


Let’s be real for a second, my friends and I ate WAY too much. Before my friends even got to Surly, my wife ordered a salad and I order 2 different apps…with full plans on getting a main meal. My honest to God question is, and always will be, how am I not 300 lbs? So, what do my friends do that are meeting us there, just after slamming breakfast? Easy. They order another app and a main. Let the food adventures begin!

The Apps

The Sprouts…not my choice. They were f***in’ good though! I loved the Thai spin. Never have I ever had Sprouts like these! On top of the sauce, that hit of freshness that the Cilantro gives…MHMMM!

Polish Potato Pockets (i.e. Pierogies) are something I have always wanted to cut open and eat too quickly but had never had. The mix put into these tasty morsels was spectacular! A solid potato mixture with Gruyere and a Horseradish Creme Fraiche…Like most teenage girls, I couldn’t even.

Lastly, but not leastly, the Roasted Squash Tacos! Vegetarian, I am not, but a big thing I have realized is how tasty vegetarian dishes are! So much thought has to go into them because you can’t just be like, “Here’s some cooked Squash. Eat it.” However, with things like Brisket you can say, “Here’s some Brisket. Eat it.” Don’t get me wrong Brisket is Ah-mazing but so were these! Easily, my favorite out of the 3 apps. (The warm Corn Tortillas are down below!)

At this point, everyone I was with, myself included, were slightly buzzed, too full to even talk (we were just grunting at each other like cave people), and yet, there is a part 2 of this post. My poor, poor body.

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