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Who knew the most underrated side dish at Thanksgiving could have a handheld version for tailgates!? Well clearly, I did…but I really wanted to take them to the next level with a tailgate twist. I decided to add some hop water, a little crisp piggy, and of course, cheese! Bring these Cheesy Beer Bacon Stuffing Muffins for your family this Thanksgiving or friends at a tailgate!

Let’s Talk Stuffing

stuffing muffins up close

In the famous words of Ricky Bobby, “If you don’t like Stuffing, then F*** YOU!” He actually says Big Red, but he would say the same thing about Stuffing. When people think of Stuffing, they instantly think of the boxed bullshit (that I also LOVE! haha). It is easy, but it gives Stuffing a bad rap! If you put in the work, your life will be changed forever! Then throw that awesomeness in a muffin tin, bake it, then munch while you go watch some footy!

Cheesy Beer Bacon Stuffing Muffins

stuffing muffins

Another thing about Stuffing that people don’t like is that it is boring and bland. LOOK NO FURTHER! These badasses are LOADED with flavor and they are FAR from boring! Let’s be real for a second, adding Beer elevates the flavors to an unworldly level, and then, you add Bacon?? Come. On. But, but, but…then you go full Wisco and Salt Bae sprinkle some Sharp Cheddar on them?? I honestly don’t know if you could pack more flavor into these Stuffing Muffins. However, you can top them with some homemade Cranberry Sauce!

**Beer Pairing**

GLD.01 (Golden Ale)

Delta Beer Lab

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