Sports Stars and Their Food Equivalent: The Open Championship Edition

Here we go again with this random concoction of thoughts that come into my brain! I have been pumping out a lot of recipes the past couple of weeks and have laid low from the sports bar scene due to this being a down time for sports. Soooooooo… Sports Stars and Their Food Equivalent: The Open Championship Edition it is!

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Dustin Johnson/Vienna Hot Dog

Like a Vienna Hot Dog, Dustin Johnson is a bit unassuming. The way he casually lumbers around with no change in expression no matter the shot he just hit, one would think there is no way he is a good golfer. But here we are, Dustin Johnson being on top of the golf world for most of his golf career. You know what else is on top on the food world…Vienna Hot Dogs. THEY’RE SO DAMN GOOD but you would never expect it!

Tiger Woods/Sous Vide Tomahawk Ribeye with Bourbon Butter

When Tiger is on, he is literally unbeatable. When cooked correctly, a Tomahawk Ribeye is one of the best things to eat, ever. Add bourbon butter and it may just be a gift from a higher entity! However, once Tiger is off his game, there aren’t many that can’t beat him (professional golfers, that is). And when you start burning the hell out of the Ribeye, overcooking it and then dumping a chard sauce all over it, you have a complete and utter mess. Here’s the thing, people are still going to watch Tiger at his worst and people will still order that gross ass charred brick.

John Daly/Miller Lite with a Marb Red Appetizer

I feel like this is what John Daly runs on, nicotine and alcohol. He’s basically like Bender from Futurama. I have a friend that very recently got to hang out with The Legend himself. Apparently, he meets all of the expectations you would expect him to be. Just a down right awesome dude that loves hanging with new people, drinking beers, and smoking like a chimney. Who needs food?!

Jordan Spieth/Perfectly Seasoned Chicken Breast (with BBQ Sauce…sometimes.)

I mean, Chicken Breast is an easy go to and tastes fine. When done right, it is really good…but there are usually other things I’d order! I actually like Mr. Spieth, but he’s just kinda bland. Perfect golf swing, very controlled in interviews, and doesn’t really show a lot of emotions. Then you take Spieth down to the Bahamas with Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas, and Smylie Kaufman, and you get some zest! Some personality! Some zesty BBQ Sauce to that plain, ol’ chicken!

Rickie Fowler, Smylie Kaufman, Justin Thomas/BBQ Sauce

See Jordan Spieth

Graeme McDowell/Pastie

I had to put the hometown kid in here, right?! This is McDowell’s home course. He literally grew up playing the course that The Open is at this year. How cool is that?! It is like another pro athlete getting the opportunity to play for the team they grew up cheering for. To sum up why I chose a pastie, they are from Northern Ireland and so is he. That is all.

As always, welcome to my brain and also, I apologize for showing you what’s going on up there. The Sports Stars and Their Food Equivalent: The Open Championship Edition is a wrap!

The Sports Stars and Their Food Equivalent is always fun! Let me know if there is anyone you want me to write about!

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