Spicy Marinara

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spicy marinara

People always think that Pizza is only “Couchgate” material. In my world, that means sitting your ass on a couch, feet up, beer in hand vs. standing behind a truck, feet down, beer in hand. Common denominator: Beer in hand. Grilling a Pizza is just as easy as baking one in the oven. Marinara is exactly what you need for not only dipping your crust but, it makes for a great base sauce for most Za! Now, if you’re like me, a little heat adds SO much to a dish. That’s why this Spicy Marinara exists!

The Spicy Marinara (And What To Put It On!)

The sauce is herby, has a subtle sweetness that pairs so well with the heat, and still has great Tomato flavor! This combo of flavors lends itself to be a lot of things! A dipping sauce (for Fried Ravioli!), the base sauce for some ‘Za (homemade Beer Pizza Crust!), a spread for a sandwich…okay, only 3 things. BUT, STILL! I can barely do 3 things.

The great thing about this, it is just a kick ass Marinara! Take the Crushed Red Pepper and 2 tsp. of Sugar, and you have an amazing Non-Spicy Marinara! Plus, if you don’t have the time to grab some Vine Tomatoes, replace with about 16 oz. Tomato Sauce! F***in’ Simple!

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