Soft Pretzel Bites-The Marzens Are Coming, So Are The Pretzels!

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soft pretzel bites

With my favorite seasonal beers coming out (Oktoberfest/Marzen!) and me needing to eat my emotions because of things continually getting canceled, it seemed totally okay to make some Beer Cheese. Beer Cheese goes on SO many foods that I make! You know what goes the best with it?? More Beer…and Soft Pretzel Bites!

brat beer cheese dip

Speaking of Beer Cheese! Check out my Recipe!

Soft Pretzel Bites

cranberry brat bruger

Can I be honest? I wanted to write about something else! I had this big write up in my head about a Cranberry Brat Burger. Look at that thing up there!! Sauerkraut. Mustard BBQ Sauce. Pretzel Bun…guess what? I ALREADY WROTE ABOUT THAT! With Pretzels on my mind though, I went with these beautiful little nugs!

soft pretzel bites

I used to be so nervous (?) about make homemade Pretzels! My thought was that they take a stupid amount of time, the end flavor wasn’t good enough for that effort, and ya know, sometimes, I am lazy. Well ladies and gents, I was way f**kin’ wrong! They’re not hard AT all and they 9 BILLION times better than store bought! Seriously! JUST MAKE SURE YOU USE BAKING SODA, NOT POWDER!

cranberry brat burger

The OG Cranberry Brat Burger! (Click For Recipe!)

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