S’more Bars-When Campfires Aren’t Available At The Tailgate

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s'more bars

Let’s be real, S’mores are simply and purely amazing. Graham Crackers, Mallow’s, and mmmmmm…melty Chocolate! However, you need a campfire…right?? F*** NO, YOU DON’T! Honestly, I didn’t know it was possible to make S’more’s better without really changing the ingredients! The only thing you’re missing is the campfire…but, you’ll still have all of your friends and some sports to go along with it! BRING ON THE S’MORE BARS!

Chocolate With Some Char

s'more bars

As everyone knows, S’mores need a little color on them! S’more Bars are different in no way, in that sense. Also, with out the char, S’mores, in my personal CORRECT opinion, they can be a little on the tooth hurting sweet side. **HINT, HINT** you can use Dark Chocolate as another counter part to the sweetness. The great thing about these that I fully wasn’t expecting was the texture! A perfect mix of soft and crunchy.

S’more Bars-The Rundown

The only difference between these and your normal S’more is that you can make these the day before and they’re amazing, still! They’re a perfect summer Dessert or fall Dessert…they’re just a perfect Dessert! Handheld and easily washed down with a Chocolate-y Stout (or Porter)!

  1. Graham Cracker Crust-Graham Crackers, Powdered Sugar, Butter, and just a dash of dope ass flavor!
  2. Hershey Bar Layout-Instead of using a double-boiler, just bake the Chocolate Bars and spread them around the crust!
  3. Mallow-What you see here is SMOKED Marshmallow’s! To impart that Campfire, I threw these on the smoker for 10-15 minutes! You don’t have to do these to have bomb ass bars, but holy Santa Clause shit, this was amazing.
  4. Roasty Mallow-I wasn’t able to crank up the smoker to brown the tops (I was smoking some Shredded Beef on the other side!) Throw it in the oven and broil for 1-2 minutes! WATCH IT LIKE A HAWK!
finished apple crisp

Lookin’ For Another Smoked Dessert?? How about “Drunken” Apple Crisp!

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