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Fantasy Football+Wings

Wings are the perfect vessel of calories while sitting on the couch with your laptop next to you, talking shit to your friends. All while choosing people you’ve never met for a fake team that you probably named something inappropriate. God, I LOVE FANTASY FOOTBALL! What took this year’s draft to a whole new level? SMOKED WINGS!

Smoked Wings

The smoker is honestly a game changer! (Check out My PitBoss Smoker, here!) The amount that I LOVE wings is slightly unacceptable… and then, I had Smoked wings from Dahmen’s At Hawk’s Landing. They changed my view on wings. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy a normal wing, but when I know that Smoked Wings are available, I will happily jump into that boat.

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The Foodie’s Own Personal Take

For this year’s Fantasy Football draft, I made the decision to knock 12 pounds of wings out on the smoker. To do so, I heavily seasoned the wings the night before with “The Tailgate Foodie” BBQ Rub and let them rest. The morning of the smoke, take the wings out of the fridge and let them come to room temp. Next, and one of the best parts, ROLL THAT SMOKE! Do this for about 1 1/2 hours at 300F or until 165F internal temp. After about 45 minutes, switch them around and flip them over. Once they hit 165F, there are a few ways to crisp them up. You can heat some oil up to 350F (Tree-Fiddy) and fry the wings for about 1-2 minutes per side, or crank the smoker up to 500F and open the fire pot for a nice char! The great thing about these wings is that they hold a lot of flavor, even if you can’t finish them that day! I made these on a Friday afternoon for a draft on Sunday morning. THEY WERE STILL SO GOOD OUT OF THE OVEN!

The Sauces

The All-American (BBQ Sauce)- The perfect combination of all things BBQ sauce. Heat, Sweet, and Vinegar!
Low Country Gold (Carolina Style)- The perfect amount of mustard tang! It has a sweetness to perfectly counteract that bite.
White Lightening (Alabama White)- A new one made from my brother! Unlike anything I’ve had before. A perfect amount of savory with that kick of vinegar to keep you awake!
Honey Chipotle- I could call this one sweet heat for the perfect explanation.


beer on left, beer can on right, pipeworks brewing logo top left, tailgate foodie logo top right

Blood Of The Unicorn

Pipeworks Brewing Company

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