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Badgers Home Opener

panoramic of camp randall

There are few things more fun that partaking in adult beverages and munching on some crazy good food, all while waiting to head in to the game to watch the Badgers kick some ass! This weekend was no different! The Bloody Mary’s were flowing, the Craft Beer was sud-sing, and Smoked Pulled Chicken Sandwiches were going to down one after the other. (Read about the Camp Randall experience, here! <—CLICK ON THE RED!) But let’s get to the how to make the food!

Smoked Pulled Chicken

The All-American BBQ Sauce

TTGF Alabama White Sauce
TTGF Espresso Rub

Let’s get real for a second, I absolutely LOVE pretzel buns. The texture, the flavor, and honestly, the look of them. However, I do think they can be a little overplayed. The insides of the sandwich has to be able to match the flavor strength of the bun. If you put something light in flavor inside, it will just get lost even if tastes good. This particular sandwich is perfect for the pretzel bun!

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The Stack

Pretzel Bun (Bottom): Rich and dense. (There’s a joke in there somewhere…) Always warm the bun up!
Sharp Cheddar: The sharpness helps this sandwich be more well rounded. When you warm the bun up, top the cheese on it and get it melty!
Smoked Pulled Chicken: ALWAYS USE CHICKEN THIGHS! Not only does it smoke better, but the flavor is superior.
The All-American BBQ Sauce: Once again, I’m not going to give out my recipe. But if you’re going to go all out on these sandwiches, show everyone your sauce game! ***This sandwich needs a more vinegar based sauce***
Caramelized Onions: Adds a buttery, sweetness that is slightly unexpected…and delicious!
Pretzel Bun (Top): See Pretzel Bun (Bottom).

A Better Break Down (For Some Of The Parts)

Caramelized Onions

These are hands down, without a doubt the best Caramelized Onions I’ve ever made…and it is because I messed up! Previously, I would use one tablespoon of butter (unsalted) per Red Onion. I wanted to caramelize two onions this go around annnnd threw in a entire stick for some reason. These were truly perfect. PLUS, I saved the excess butter for frying eggs later!

Smoked Pulled Chicken

You will want to season the chicken liberally and baste liberally. Because of the smoking process and length, the rub and sauce change flavors pretty extensively while cooking. A big reason why my pulled chicken is soooo flavorful is because I re-season (with the rub) after I shred it! THAT IS KEY!


Close Enough To Perfect

Working Draft Beer Company

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