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The Tailgate Foodie is the name, “Bringing Gourmet To The Parking Lot” is the game. Elevating the classic tailgate is the goal with amazing food and great adult beverages, no matter where you’re at!

The Tailgate Foodie started with a small town Wisconsin guy who decided that tailgating wasn’t just a weekend thing, but a lifestyle. A lifestyle that needed to be overhauled a little! Hanging out before the game with all of your people is THE BEST, but eating the same Hot Dog every week isn’t.

“Bringing Gourmet To The Parking Lot” means you don’t need to eat the same boring “food” every week, and improving the tailgate game with brands like yours is how to accomplish that!

And since you’re here, here are a few of my favorite things in the Tailgate World! (PLUS!!! The recipe to my Award Winning Chili! I don’t hand this out very often…)


  1. Have you ever thought to find a local farm to promote for your “Chicken, Beef, Pork, Eggs, Honey”. Who knows maybe that farm would hook you up with product to use during your recipes to promote them instead of promoting some corporate farm on the east coast.


    Deliver right to your door every Friday!!!

  2. I just purchased a few of your seasoning at the Deforest Farmers Market today. All I can say is Wow!!! Hands down some of the best blends I have had. I’m glad to know you are local and will be back to try some of the others like the buttermilk ranch next time! I appreciate the recipes on your website as well. They look fool proof and delicious. I can’t wait to try out more of them soon! Support Local all you readers! These blends are the cats pajamas!

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