Samoa Cookie Cupcakes- Worth the Caramel/Coconut Mess

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Samoa Cookies are the BEST!

Samoa Cookies are the best Girl Scout cookies on the face of the earth. I mean, Thin Mints are great. Tagalongs (Peanut Butter Patties) are even better. But…BUT Samoa (Caramel deLites) are hands down, without a doubt THEE best. If you disagree: 1) You’re wrong. 2) Please message me about what it is like to be wrong, always. K, Thanks. You know what is even better though? SAMOA COOKIE CUPCAKES!

2 girl scout cookie boxes. one saying samoas the other saying caramel delites.

Samoas or Caramel deLites?

*IF YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT AWESOME FACTS, STOP READING NOW* While doing some research for my creation (stay tuned), I found that Samoas (what I have always called them) are also called Caramel deLites. WHAT?! Here I thought there was a change in name, a rebranding if you will! As it turns out, they are both! The Girl Scouts have 2 different companies that make the cookies and they name them different names. That goes for other flavors, too! BACK TO THE REAL REASON ALL OF US ARE HERE!

The Tailgate Foodie presents: Samoa Cookie Cupcakes!

Seriously, I didn’t think there was a way to make these little…deLites…(Get it? They’re Caramel deLites…sorry. Don’t stop reading, it gets better.) even better than the original! Don’t get me wrong, the originals are un-f***ing-believable but to take that exact flavor and put it in the form of a moist (SORRY for those that despise that word), decedent cupcake… ugh! Why did we eat all of these already?! Seriously, these Samoa Cookie Cupcakes are worth the effort of homemade cupcakes!

somoa cookie cupcakes surrounded by white coconut, chocolate chips, and caramel chips. front view

I must say, and some people may not believe me, but this is the first time that I have ever baked from scratch! Out of all of the desserts I’ve ever made, these were some of my favorites! The cupcakes were soooo light and fluffy with this ungodly topping! Here is why it works!

  1. The cake itself is moist while still being light and fluffy. Hard to do if you ask me.
  2. The topping is a mix of toasted, sweet, and rich flavors from the coconut and caramel.
  3. Top it all off with a dark chocolate drizzle and you have damn near perfection in your hand.
  4. The combo of all of the above truly gives you something worth…well, worth writing a blog post about!

Follow these Directions…or else…

You need to follow one major direction with these though. Whenever I have heard about cupcakes, they say you want to fill the cup to 2/3…DON’T GO OVER ½ WITH THESE! They rise quickly and quite a lot, so, DON’T GO OVER ½ WITH THESE!

chocolate cupcakes without frosting still in pan

Honestly, these bad boys are perfect little handhelds that you will want while getting ready to go into a game, or will want after the game…and you’re a little drunky pants…soooo, you eat 3 of them. No matter when you have them, though, you’ll be one happy tailgater/couchgater.

somoa cookie cupcakes surrounded by white coconut, chocolate chips, and caramel chips. angled view

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