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pumpkin chili

At this point, you all have realized how basic I am. Fall, Pumpkin Spice, IPA’s, annnnd I may or may not have a few flannels. Ugh (not the boot), maybe I need to change my style. Anyway, I also FALL (<– GET IT!?) into the category of tailgating and chili season! So, I decided to combine my overall basic-ness with my true love, tailgate season, to create: Pumpkin Chili!

Chili Season

White Bean Chicken Chili
TTGF Award Winning Chili
Texas Red Chili

While Chili can be a “open a can and toss it all in the pan” kinda dish, I tend to take it to the next level! Chili can be super interesting and complex if you work with it. That’s why I LOVE chili season! THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFERENT KINDS YOU CAN MAKE! Just on this page, I have 4 different types of Chili…well now 5 with the Pumpkin Chili! Maybe I’ll change the name “The Chili Foodie”. Nm, that was dumb.

Pumpkin Chili


Here’s the thing, this right here is vegetarian. If you’ve followed the page for a while or even if you’re new, you know that I am in no way a vegetarian. However, this ranks up there with any meat filled Chili, anywhere. It is rich, deep, and slightly spicy, like any Chili should be. In all honesty, with the addition of Pumpkin and other seasoning, there is a VERY distinct taste that will make you feel likely a manly man, drinking beer, and eating Chili. All the while, your inner Ugg wearing, oversized sweatshirt wearing, Pumpkin Spice Latte drinking self will feel the need to galivant through every pumpkin patch in the tri-state area. PUMPKIN CHILI FOR LIFE!

*Beer Pairing*

Punkin Ale

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

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championship chili blend

Click on the pic above to cook like The Tailgate Foodie!

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