Pulled Pork Benedict Sandwich-A BBQ Great Meets A Breakfast Great

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pulled pork benedict sandwich

Let’s be real, Pulled Pork is not something that you generally think of when you’re thinking you want grab some Brekkers. THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE! It’s literal perfection for Breakfast and Brunch. Think about it, you roll up to a Tailgate at 9 AM on a Saturday morning and you’re jonesing for something more that a couple of eggs but, not quite up for a mondo Burger. Then, you get a round foil tossed your way and open it. Inside is this bomb ass Sandwich: Pulled Pork Benedict Sandwich.

The Stack

pulled pork benedict sandwich
  • English Muffin- With so much on this sandwich, you need to something to hold together
  • Hollandaise Sauce- Buttery but still fresh! The perfect match.
  • Fried Egg- Everything (well, almost…) is better with an egg! (Over-Medium is what I did.
  • Smoked Pulled Pork- I mean, do I really need to say anything else…TOO GOOD!
  • Chipotle SauceEven though you get the smoke from the Pork, the smoke from the Pepper along with the heat brings the balance. (I used Cholula Chipotle)
  • Green Onion- The freshness from these morsels always seem to make a dish GREAT!

Put it together and what do you got? One of the best Breakfast Sandwiches, ever…THE PULLED PORK BENEDICT SANDWICH, of course!


hollandaise sauce

In the not so distant past, I despised Butter. The reason? I was a disgusting child that used to eat finger fulls of butter. Scoop it up and down the gullet. That more than likely, explains a lot about me…

After really getting into cooking, I started to use it appropriately (and getting quality Butter!) and it is a total game changer! You can use it with so many different dishes and even make this kick ass sauce. It is creamy, lemony, buttery, and a little salty. Most Tailgates, you won’t see this sauce because people think it has to take a long time and that it is hard to make. NAHHHH! The next morning Tailgate you go to, bring some Breakfast Sandwiches and slather them with some Hollandaise!

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