Yardbird Poultry Seasoning: Pitmaster Edition



Bawk, bawk, bawk! Say hello to your new feathered friend: Yardbird Poultry Seasoning. This unique blend of sage, pineapple juice, and ginger is the key to unlocking the full potential of your poultry dishes. Whether you’re roasting a whole chicken, grilling up some juicy turkey burgers, or just seasoning your breakfast eggs, this seasoning is guaranteed to add a flavorful punch to every bite. If you’re tired of bland and boring poultry, let Yardbird Poultry Seasoning spice up your life. You’ll be the envy of all the feathered creatures in your neighborhood!

Same great flavor, just in a bigger bottle!

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Flavors to expect:

Somewhat earthy with a punch of ginger and pineapple

*Disclaimer* Instead of just using salt and sugar for flavor, we use varying powders. This leads to increased “settling”. It may not look like your bottle is full, but trust us, it is.

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Weight11.4 oz

Customer Reviews

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John Welch

I don’t know what to say other then it’s probably just the perfect sauce for any dish. Definitely ordering more

Angela Jushchyshyn
Love Love Love 💕

We bought 6 bottles which says a lot. Glad to support local. Also, we tried a store version and the taste could not even come close. Hubby is taking a bottle camping. It goes on everything!

Gus Stevens
I’m blown away by the flavor!!

I haven’t tried all of the rubs and seasonings yet, but I used some Yardbird on some chicken thighs and put some of the White Lightning on it. Incredible!! All of the barbecue sauces are out of this world. Seriously, they’re insanely tasty! I’ll definitely be buying more products soon!

Cory Hiller
Absolutely Love It!!

Absolutely love the Alabama White BBQ!! I don't think I'll ever do plain ranch or mayo ever again! Highly recommend this one!


Delicious on everything from salad to meat. Pasta salad made with this is my new fav.

Gets *********

We need a gallon!!