The Sportsman Pack


Do you hunt deer? What about pheasants? Do you drop a line in a lake or river sometimes? If you answered YES to any of these, this pack is for you!

Open Season is for those animals bigger than you! Deer, Bison, Elk, Wholly Mammoth, etc. You name it, you can season it!

Dirty Bird is for those cruising around your head! If it flaps in the winds, Dirty Bird is just for you.

Fishin’ In The Dark is for those lurking below the water line. Whether it is a large mouth bass, northern pike, and a damn Crocodile, open that shaker bottle up and coat your meat!


  • Open Season: Big Game Seasoning
  • Dirty Bird: Game Bird Seasoning
  • Fishin’ In The Dark: River and Lake Fish Seasoning


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