The BBQer’s Log: A Pitmaster’s Journal To Even Better Cooks



There you are, 13 beers deep, eating the best Brisket you’ve ever smoked while watching your team kick the crap out of your rival. Skip ahead a day. You want to brag to all your smokin’ buddies about your killer cook. Jokes on you, you don’t remember anything about it. You don’t remember how long it cooked, how long it rested, what seasoning you used, or the temperatures you ran your smoker at.

You know why you don’t remember any of it? Sure. Maybe it was the bakers dozen of suds that have something to do with it. Maybe you have short term memory loss. Or maybe, JUST MAYBE, you didn’t write ANY of it down because “You thought you would remember.” Well here we both are, making fun of you because you don’t remember…AGAIN!

Stop it. Stop forgetting. Stop letting your friends make fun of you for never remembering. Show them up by not only remembering, but being able to recreate your perfectly smoked or grilled goodies.

By remember, I don’t mean remember with your brain. THAT’S LAME! WRITE THAT **** DOWN!

Don’t just use a notebook for your unorganized chicken scratch, either.

The BBQer’s Log has your back, don’t you worry about that. Not only are you going to be able to keep track of your cook, there are spots for all of the following:

What kind of meat you cooked and where you got it
-How you prepped
-Targets that you’re looking at hitting during your cook
-Results of your cook
-A booze tracker (too know when to stop! lolz)

What was that? You need a spot to write down all the AMAZING barbecue sauce recipes and seasoning concoctions you put together? We got you covered there, too! On top of the other attributes of The BBQer’s Log, it also comes with:

-20 Blank Recipe Cards
-Tips, Tricks, and Temps for grilling and smoking meats
-7 Recipes for major cuts (and not so meaty) recipes!

Now, you have your outdoor cooking apparatus, you have your wood, you have your meat, and you have your suds. The last thing you need to make for a truly perfect cooking session is this 135 page journal to ensure all parts of your cook are properly documented for recreation!

But what makes The Tailgate Foodie’s BBQer’s Log different from the other billion meat cooking documentation pamphlets? WE LISTENED! And simply put…It’s built different…

-SIZE MATTERS!- Our journal is inches bigger and thicker than any other on the market. More room to write and truly refine your Pitmaster-ness
-Hard vs. Soft- No more of that easily rippable paperback non-sense. Our hardcover will protect the literary gold you have written in the Journal
-Learn some goodness- This isn’t JUST a journal. You have some tips and tricks, easily forgotten things like internal temps and wood pairings, and is an actual cookbook!

Snag one of these bad boys for yourself, friends, family, and even your enemies. That way you can prove that even if they write everything down about their cook, you’re still better than them. Smoke on fellow Pitmasters and always…MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH!

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