Steakhouse: Texas Style Smoked SPG



“10/10 would recommend”

Get ready to add some sizzle to your steak with our Steakhouse Texas Style Smoked SPG! This simple but delicious blend of smoked sea salt and large cut pepper is the perfect way to elevate your meat game. Just sprinkle it on and get ready for your taste buds to do a Texas two-step! No need for a long list of ingredients or a complicated recipe, this SPG is the epitome of “less is more.” So get your boots on and your grill fired up, it’s time to make some mouth-watering steak! Yeehaw!

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Flavors to expect:

Strong hickory smoked salt and large cut pepper with roasted garlic and onion background

How to Use Steakhouse Texas Style Smoked SPG:

1. Ensure your steak, brisket, burgers, or other red meat delights are ready for seasoning. (outside patted dry, trimmed, etc.)

2. Coat your meat liberally with Steakhouse Texas Style Smoked SPG, ensuring an even distribution for maximum flavor impact.

3. Allow the seasoning to meld with the meat for a minimum of 10 minutes before grilling to let the magic happen.

4. Cook your red meat to your desired level, and savor the robust, smoky goodness that Steakhouse Texas Style Smoked SPG brings to every bite.

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Weight3.5 oz

Single Pack, Two Pack

Customer Reviews

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vicki kosok

Best ever seasoning had to reorder again my granddaughter wanted some and also my grandson that is off to college hope it last me awhile. Only problem i have is it offers me 10%or20% off but I never can use it when i check out would really like a telephone number to call one I have for you does't work.I ordered 10 bottles of it last time would have liked to gotten free shipping at least.

Great product

Quality and consistent. Great flavor

Paul Mondloch
Totally awesome.

Everything I got was awesome. It's very simple straight forward seasoning and sauce. I have
Bought many different types of seasoning. Easy to know which one to use!

A good mine of goodness!

This stuff is flat out STUPID GOOD! Rub it on pork chops & apply some grill time... Lordy, have mercy! I just wish it was available in larger containers. Seriously, this is a supreme rub. Subtle heat & am inkling of coffee. You guys have a gold mine off goodness here. Congratulations on finding perfection.

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