‘Merica Seasoning 6-Pack Bundle



Say goodbye to bland and boring food like we did in 1776, and hello to the ‘Merica Seasoning 6-Pack Bundle! Land of the Brisket. Home of the Grill. Choose whichever seasoning you want and you’ll be able to taste a little bit of America in every bite. Whether you’re grilling, roasting, or just adding some flavor to your favorite dishes, these seasonings are guaranteed to make your taste buds sing the Star Spangled Banner. So, get your ‘Merica Seasoning 6-Pack Bundle today, and taste the American dream!

Included: KC Combo Kansas City BBQ Rub, Steakhouse Texas Style Smoked SPG, Kickin’ Chicken Nashville Hot Rub, High Desert Southwest Style Seasoning, Bayou Basics New Orleans Creole Seasoning, and Surf’s Up Hawaiian BBQ Rub

Add Ons: Foodie Constitution Magnet and E-Cookbook dedicated to your Bundle Box


Flavors to expect:

Surf’s Up: Sweet and salty with significant notes of citrus mainly pineapple
KC Combo: Sweet and smoky with a touch of spice at the end
High Desert: Earthy tones with a touch of green chili and punch of acid to finish
Kickin’ Chicken: Sweet and spicy with a hint of smoke
Steakhouse: Strong smoked salt and large cut pepper with roasted garlic and onion background
Bayou Basics: Rich savory with a some herbs and a touch of heat

Additional information

Weight28 oz
Dimensions12 × 6 × 3 in