Grilling Essentials 6-Pack Seasoning Bundle



“He was so happy! Its fun to try different rubs and be stocked up. Now to start up the grill.”

Step aside, boring BBQ seasonings! The Grilling Essentials 6-Pack Seasoning Bundle is here to bring some sizzle to your cookouts. This set of six bold and flavorful seasonings will have your taste buds doing the gritty or whatever the youths do now. It doesn’t matter which seasoning you snag, you’ll be able to turn any piece of meat into a taste sensation. And the best part? The included box makes it easy to take these seasonings on the go, so you can sprinkle some magic on your friends’ BBQs too. Get your Grilling Essentials 6-Pack Seasoning Bundle and make your grill a flavor factory!


Flavors to expect:

Backyard: Seasoning salt on steroids
Yardbird: Somewhat earthy with a punch of ginger and pineapple
KC Combo: Sweet and smoky with a touch of spice at the end
Caffe Tailgate: Smoky flavor with chili pepper background followed by a subtle sweetness and roasty flavors (not much actual coffee flavor)
Under The Sea: Rich with herbs and celery with earthy bay leaf
Steakhouse: Strong smoked salt and large cut pepper with roasted garlic and onion background


How to Use Grilling Essentials Bundle:

1. We suggest using 1 tbsp. per pound of meat/product
2. *Backyard* Use on anything that you could use salt on
3. *Yardbird* Any poultry or non-bbq flavored pork dishes
4. *KC Combo* All BBQ related products or if you have a bland chili
5. *Caffe Tailgate* Anything on the grill. Chicken, pork, beef, or wild game!
6. *Under The Sea* Any seafood at all
7. *Steakhouse* BEEF! Steak, Burgers, Brisket. It doesn’t matter!

Additional information

Weight28.3 oz
Dimensions11 × 4 × 2 in

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Ben Cox

Grilling Essentials Seasoning 6-Pack Seasoning Bundle

Gift for Son

I bought these for my son who has a smoker. He has been experimenting with different flavored wood chips. The flavors are delicious and well worth the money!

New Seasoning

I bought as a gift for my husband. He was happy. Its fun to try different rubs and be stocked. Now to start up the grill.

Birthday Gift

Everyone was excited to receive this gift. I am very please with the quality and flavors!!


They loved them