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cleveland all star game logo in the shape of a guitar

The MLB All Star Game has always been super fun to me! I remember growing up watching the likeness of Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa hit dingers during the Derby. Or Bobby Abreu setting the Derby record in 2005. Or the controversial 2002 Miller Park Marathon that was called after 11 innings in a tie.

This year, the All Star Game and Derby are in Cleveland, Ohio. When thinking about food culture, Cleveland isn’t a city that comes to the front of your mind…and that’s okay! It just means I had my work out ahead of me, trying to figure out what was to be made. After a few hours of research (and some previous knowledge based on another project), I found that Eastern European Cuisine it was!

Polish Boy Sandwich

coleslaw topped with keilbasa topped with french fries and a red sauce all on a pretzel roll. sandwich called the polish boy

We will start with the fact that this isn’t a Po Boy. This is a straight up, stick to your ribs, Midwestern sammich! In all honesty, when first reading about this sandwich, it sounded very heavy, but also perfect for the ballpark! After making this and eating it, there is definitely a great combo of flavors and textures!

The Stack:

Bun: I bought a couple of different styles to try out, and wasn’t able to choose! The picture is a Pretzel Bun (because it was a better picture lol), but the Potato Bun held its own!
-Coleslaw: A perfect little hit of acid that is needed.
-Kielbasa: The exact amount of salt and fat to make this sandwich great.
-French Fries: That crisp to cover all of the soft textures in the sammie.
-SPECIAL SAUCE (Paprikash): The sandwich is usually paired with hot sauce or BBQ sauce. With such a strong Eastern European influence in the Cleveland area, I decided to make Paprikash. The sauce is usually made with chicken but it goes perfectly with this, too!

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  1. Chris Sobel says:

    Whoever my football team (The Cardinals) play, we “eat the other teams mojo” .. basically we cook and eat cuisine from the opposing teams area (New Orleans Saints we do Cajun, Philadelphia Eagles we do Philly Cheesesteaks etc). So, for. Level and we made this polish boy sandwich and perogies. Pretty good!! The paprikash was delish, the coleslaw balanced the kielbasa. Highly recommend

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