Pita Pizza- Bringing the Mediterranean to the Tailgate World

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graphic of the Milwaukee Bucks main stars. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kris Middleton, Brooke Lopez, Nikola Mirotic, Malcolm Brogden, and Eric Bledsoe
How cool is this!? Check this guy out! Joe Till Studios

With the Eastern Conference Finals continuing on (HELL YA, BUCKS!), I was given the idea that never dawned on me…Greek food. Why Greek food? Cuz the Bucks have The Greek Freak (Giannis Antetokounmpo)! What was asked of me was, “Have you ever done any gyro recipes?” Initially, I was like, WTF…why though? Then it dawned on me. My Foodie brain started spinning in excitement. Olives (and olive oil), red onions, capers, feta cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, PITA BREAD(!), tzatziki, fresh fish, and grilled meats…and the list goes on! I could make gyros or kabobs or something like, I don’t know, Pita Pizza.

What Should I Make Though?

a platter of greek food
With so many options, I got to be creative with this one! Pita Pizza it is!

With all of the things available at my fingertips, and having little experience ever cooking Greek style food, I had some work ahead of me but I was super excited! With a little research and some creativity, I made the decision to combine some Greek staples and create some good, ol’ fashioned Greek Pita Pizza! Is Greek Pizza old fashioned, though??

Pizza and Sports…A Better Love Story than Kanye with Himself

basketball hoop with pizza backboard
Playing basketball has never made me as hungry as looking at this backboard.

Sitting on a couch or sitting in the stands, pizza will always be a mainstay in the tailgate world! There’s just something about some toppings on cheese with a layer of sauce, all on top of carbs, that will always be a part of pretty much any sport. The awesome thing about pizza is the fact that you can go as plain or as creative and over the top you want! This little meal is FAR from your classic ‘za, though!


After some research throughout the internets, asking friends from the homeland, and perusing Pinterest (check out my page!), I landed on this **DRUMROLL, PLEASE**:

pizza on left with all toppings. feta cheese, cucumbers, pepperocinis, red onion, black olives, and tzatziki surrounding pizza. Whole pizza in bottom right corner
Pita Bread makes the perfect crust!

Customize that Pita Pizza!

There are so many different combos that you can use! One of the reasons I chose the ingredients I did is because of their Greek heritage and how well they work together. The sun dried tomato pesto adds a subtle sweetness that is evened out nicely by the brine of black olives. The herbaceous-ness (made that word up) of the oregano is tamed by a slightly acidic, slightly spicy pepperocini. Drizzling the tzatziki sauce adds a freshness that pizza sometimes needs. Lastly, the overall texture of the toppings is complemented by the slight crunch from a baked pita bread. **I am soooo hungry from writing this**

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