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IT’S MASTERS WEEK! There are 2 weeks in sports that put such a huge smile on my face, no matter what. It doesn’t matter who is doing well at the time or what is going on in the world, the Master’s is tranquil. The azaleas, the masterful fairways, and the Dave Loggins classic piano playing…UGH! Can’t get enough of it! Anywho, I can’t make the classic sandwich every year, sooooo, WHAMMY! This year’s “Master’s Club Dinner” is: Pimento Mac and Cheese!

The Tradition

So many traditions! I LOVE IT! Pimento Cheese. Ham on rye. Egg Salad. Cheap beer. The “Master’s Club Dinner”. Last year, it became public knowledge on what people were eating for these! It was soooo f***in’ cool to see. I decided to make my own.

I love taking tradition and putting my own spin on it! Pimento Cheese Sandwiches are great. Pimento Grilled Cheese with Jalapeno Relish are best! Now…taking that tradition and turning it on it’s side…Pimento Mac and Cheese! (Just wait to see what I have on board for next year…)

Pimento Mac and Cheese

Holy mother of Amen Corner…I mean, just look at it. Not that cool ass golf ball, the Mac! A couple of rules:

1) Don’t eat if you’re trying to lose weight.
2) Live like Patrick Reed…to hell with rules, LIVE YOUR LIFE!

The perfect combination of Mac and Cheese with the southern classic, Pimento Cheese. Soooo many others just throw Pimentos (sweet little, vinegar peppers) into their Pimento Mac and Cheese. Jokes on them (and you!). That’s not how you makes Pimento Cheese…there’s more to it. DON’T SHORT CHANGE YOURSELF! DO IT FOR THE MASTER’S!

The Party (That Isn’t Happening…)

This year, I was going to take the “Master’s Club Dinner” to the next level. On the Saturday of the tournament, I was going to serve a 3 course meal with a homemade boozy drink. I also had a betting game in place. There were going to be giveaways, side bets, and stogies galore. Then…you know what happened…BUTTTT, I didn’t let it get me down! WE ALWAYS HAVE NEXT YEAR! And if you’re in a place that you can host a Master’s party, here are my details! Thankfully, THE GAME CONTINUES…and this Pimento Mac and Cheese is STUPID good!

**Beer Pairing**


Terrapin Beer Company

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Season like The Foodie! Click the pic above!

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