“Pimento Cheese Grilled Cheese…A Tradition Unlike Any Other.”

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The Tailgate Foodie "Masters" Cover Photo

Only the Passes are Expensive

The greenest greens, the pinkest azaleas, the fakest of bird sounds (seriously, they’re just speakers), and the pimento-est of cheese sandwiches. The Masters is truly one of my favorite sporting events in the entire year! Watching some of the best pro’s prove their worth, all while patrons guzzle down cheap drinks, cheaper sandwiches, and cheapest…drugs…(Ibuprofen $0.50 for those Masters Party hangovers), is damn near perfection in sports.

masters menu from the course

Masters Club Dinner

Amongst all of the other traditions, there is one I most recently found out about and will now be on my list of things to look at every year: The Master Club Dinner. The previous year’s winner gets to choose dinner for all of the previous winners. SO COOL! Here are some of the most recent dinner menus.

Our Tradition

But seriously, golf has been such a big part of my life for soooo long. For the longest time, this just meant playing golf as much as possible from spring through fall. As my age went up and I had to start paying for it, the amount I played went down, but I gained significant interest in sitting down and watching the game. As that interest continued to grow, I ended up getting a few of my friends into both playing and watching the sport. This started the tradition of Our Masters Weekend.

At least once during the tourney, my bestie and I will get together and have a few adult beverages while watching dudes chase little white balls on the tube. This habit of ours has now grown even more! More and more people are swinging by to join us, and it has truly become our own great little tradition.

Let’s Talk Food…

"masters club dinner" menu by the tailgate foodie.

Another big time tradition for The Masters is the famous Pimento Cheese Sandwich. This year, I’ve decided to make the famous Pimento Cheese Sandwich, which I also made last year, but I’ll be adding more to it in the best way. How do you mess with perfection, you ask? Simple. Add bacon. Now it is perfect, right? NOPE! Add jalapeno relish. Now…NOW it is perfect! I laugh at you…slather some butter on each side and grill that!

That is right…Pimento Cheese Grilled Cheese with Jalapeno Relish and Bacon Bits.

pimento cheese grilled cheese with melted cheese falling out of sandwich. master golf ball in picture as well.

Grilled cheese is classically heavy (on the stomach and thighs…). This one, however, is perfectly balanced! You get the savory you want from a grilled cheese, but the pimentos and jalapenos add a certain sweetness and heat that cut into that richness! PERFECTLY BALANCED! Add some hoppy beer and you’ve reached heavenly qualities.

You can really take it more over the top by dipping this in The Tailgate Foodie’s signature sauce…or some red pepper soup! Maybe make it into a dip, too! Honestly, this is purely just a great riff on a classic.

Pimento cheese dip in glass dish. topped with green jalapeno relish and bacon. all surrounded by different types of snack crackers

Finishing off the meal with Alyssa’s mystery dessert! White Chocolate “Golf Balls”! They are SO rich and SO f***in’ tasty! Don’t bite the actual golf because…bye, bye teeth…

round cookie balls covered dipped in white chocolate to look like golf balls. masters golf ball in mix

Now for what you came here for: The One, The Only, Pimento Cheese Recipe

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