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Nashville Hot Chicken isn’t just a fad that will fade out of existence. Thankfully, the powers that be took Nashville Hot out of Tennessee and brought it to the masses! Nashy Hot is the perfect combo of flavors in my mind. Sweet. Hot. Some savory. The accompaniments of Hot Chicken include Dill Pickles, White Bread, and other southern classics like Greens and Mac ‘n’ Cheese. In making these wings, I wanted to keep some traditions alive while doing my own thing…as I do with most things. Today, I bring to you: Pickle Brined Nashville Hot Wings.

nashville hot wings with relish, seasoning blurred in the background

Traditional vs. What I Do

Here at TTGF, we really like to research tradition, really learn it, flip it over, slap it across the face (in the most respectful way possible), and get it back out into the ether. We really like to bend the rules all while keeping the essence of the tradition alive.

At its base, Nashville Hot Chicken is the following: Sweet and spicy Chicken with a side of Dill Pickle to help calm the burn. The first time I bent this tradition was with Nashville Hot Chicken Sloppy Joes. This creation remains one of my favorite creations I’ve ever come up with.

With these Pickle Brined Nashville Hot Wings, I wanted to do the same. Keep the flavors on the traditional side but flip the application completely sideways! Have you ever had Pickle Relish on Wings before? If you have, you’re weird just like me! Let’s be friends!

Pickle Brined Nashville Hot Wings

The Process

Sometimes, people are scared of brining because it sounds intimidating. Don’t be intimidated. Just punch the brine in the face and it’ll become your friend. Brining is legit one of the best ways to not only impart flavor into Wings, but it will keep them super moist. Then, you want to season the shit out of them! I tend to lean toward the 1 1/4-1 1/2 tbsp. per pound when it comes to Wings. Lastly, we’re rockin’ oven baked today. If you don’t do them correctly, the skin is going to be like the blow up doll in your closet, rubbery. BROILING IS YOUR FRIEND! Get’s a nice little char while sticking with the oven application.

The Final Product

Traditional, yet TTGF okayed! The Pickle flavors come through that punch of heat masterfully. Nice and crispy and just packed with pure flavor. The best part, this can be an app for the masses, or you can slam 2 pounds of these while crying at the table by yourself because no one showed up for your 33rd birthday party while yelling at the TV watching the refs screw up another game for you!

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