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philly cheesesteak

I’ve never been to Philly. Therefore, I have never had an “authentic” Philly Cheesesteak. Just like quite a few things that I throw together, I did some research. This type of research is obviously terrible. I absolutely despise looking at delicious food, looking into why certain foods become SO iconic in their cities, and reading how these foods continue to evolve through both personal grills and restaurants, alike. All of those things are just terrible to me. In classic fashion, I took all that I learned about the classics and not-so classics, then found a middle ground. Here is the bomb ass Sammy: Philly Cheesesteak!

Before The Cheese…

Obviously, the Steak and the Cheese rule all with this sammy. You’re probably sitting there reading this like “Duh, ya Dipshit. It literally says it in the name.” That is the correct thing to think after that statement. Anywho, with literally nothing else added to this, a good Cheese choice and some properly seasoned Steak will make a kick ass sandwich.

But, if you can add some toppings and take it to new level, why not do that thing? You have to get your veggies in! Some places say only Onions belong, others say Onions with Peppers, and others yet, say throw on some Fungus! When I made these, I left it as a BYOCS (Build Your Own Cheese Steak) and in classic fashion, I threw everything on it!

Das Cheese

cheese sauce

Your average Cheesesteak will come with one of 3 cheeses: American, Cheez Whiz, or Provolone. American melts super well. Cheez Whiz is creamy and flavorful. Provolone is light in flavor but the flavor it has is SO GOOD! I knew I was going to miss the creamy by using Provolone, so I said f*** it! I’m gonna make a Cheese Sauce! The best part is, as you can see in the photographia, it made a perfect Cheese Dip for Chips! My suggestion for this…treat it like fondu. Leave it on super low heat and stir a decent amount.

Philly Cheesesteaks have a reputation of being absolutely delicious and my take on this proved that correct! The Peppers with some sweat and some earthy, with that Red Onion texture and flavor, all topped with those flavorful Mushrooms and creamy Provolone Cheese sauce…this sandwich is worth making for parties and tailgates for sure!

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