Old Bay Aioli

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This is a great combo for MANY things but, it is the most perfect for anything Seafood related! The combination of Celery Salt, Paprika, Lemon Juice, and Chives lends itself to being all things ocean and lake (and rivers and creeks…all things water, I guess.)

Check out the Crab Hush Puppies this was originally made for! (<—CLICK on the Red!)


  1. THIS Recipe had my family in love ❤️ We had shrimp on bun with artesian buns, dressed with l,t,p,&o and this aioli 😋 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Bar Rescue’s visiting chef compiled a fried buttermilk chicken sandwich topping with an Old Bay aioli. Not only did I discover your unique recipe, but the incredible Tailgater e-Book. Both present beautifully and offer innovative ideas. This is awesome for my Broncos family ticket holders of over 40 years love new ideas. I cannot wait to share these recipes during preseason.
    Thank you for your talents Tailgate Foodie. Your “foodies” are greatly appreciated!!!

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