O-H! N-O! That Buckeye Dip Though

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Buckeye (buck•eye, ˈbəkˌī)

1. Team in Ohio. They say “thee” instead of “the” because they think they’re awesome.
2. A fantastic dessert that has peanut butter and chocolate. Could be a handheld bite or a dip.

Why Buckeye, though?

I wish for the life of me that I could switch the name of this dip because, as a Badger fan…BOOOOO, OHIO STATE, BOOOO! But after making this and tasting it for the first time, I can not and will not do this beautifully delicious dessert a disservice by renaming it.

With all that, I present: Buckeye Dip.

dessert dip in round container topped with chocolate chips, pecans, and coconut all surrounded by graham crackers. buckeye.

This is such a perfect dip for anything and everything. Take it to a tailgate, a couchgate, an office party, or just make some for fun to eat all by yourself…just have your insulin ready. There is such a great mix of ingredients in this that lead to a well-balanced dessert that is sometimes hard to find! What I mean is, dessert is sometimes just known to be sweet. With additions of salted caramel, pecans, and coconut flakes, it rounds out as sweet but not too sweet!

Get in my Belly!

With such a great combo of flavors, you need some sort of vehicle to get this into your chomp box. I preferred a spoon. I am honestly only partially lying. In the picture, you will see 2 of those vehicles: regular graham crackers and chocolate graham crackers. On top of that, (and something I wish I would have had with me) chocolate covered pretzel sticks! Something that also goes excellent with it is the good ol’ Granny Smith. With how thick and creamy (albeit, delicious), some tart, juicy relief is what’s in store!

Let it rest in the refrigerator BUT eat it as it warms up! It changes the texture and allows you to scoop even more on to one cracker! (But don’t leave it out too long, there is dairy in it!)

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