Mississippi Pot Roast Sammie-Changing The Pot Roast Game!

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sammie close up

Pot roasts are easy as hell! And yet, somehow, they still come out underwhelming and bland as all get out. Well, that little state of Mississippi changed the Pot Roast game! Still easy as hell, but SO MUCH FLAVOR! Savory. Sweet. Spicy. DOPE AS HELL! Then…well, then you throw this flavor bomb into a sammie: Mississippi Pot Roast Sammie!

Easy Of Use=Set It And Forget It

mississippi pot roast in bowl

At its base, you have a 7 ingredient meal! Au jus packet, TTGF Ranch packet, Tailgate Italiano, Five Pepper Blend, Pepperoncini’s, and a Rump Roast…and like a half a stick of Butter (shhhhh!) Throw it in a crockpot on high for 4-6 hours…BOOM! That is literally it. That is how you get what you see above. Honestly, you could stop there and be one happy MF’er, but why stop there fellow foodie?!

The Stack: Mississippi Pot Roast Sammie

mississippi pot roast sammie
  • Whole Grain Sub Bun: You need a hardy bun to control this flavorful, juicy sammie.
  • Provolone: I LOVE Provolone! I think it brings a lot to the table without being super in your face.
  • Mississippi Pot Roast: The MVP! You don’t need anything else, but f**k it!
  • Pepperoncini: That punch of vinegar you want to cut that rich Roast.

**Beer Pairing**

Daisy Cutter

Half Acre Beer Company

Full Review Coming

Season like the Foodie!

Click on pic above to grab your own!

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