Maple Bacon Bourbon Donuts-MMMMM, DONUTS!

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Maple Bacon Bourbon Donuts

Sometimes, ideas come and they are just f***in’ ridiculous. Other times, a seemingly genius idea pops in the ol’ dome piece and it turns out to just be boring. This, this right here, is a combo of both! F***in’ ridiculously genius! Fluffy baked donuts. Maple-Bourbon Glaze. Meat Candy i.e. Caramelized Bacon. Maple Bacon Bourbon Donuts comin’ in hot!

The Donut

Let’s play a drinking game: 2 Truths and a Lie.

  1. I have NEVER made donuts before.
  2. Candied Bacon is deliciously amaze balls.
  3. Maple and Bourbon go SUPER well together.

Shit, I told all truths. I guess I’ll drink to that! The fantastic thing about this here recipe is how good of a base it is! You can keep these as is to literally pair with any topping you want. Throw in a little flavor additive (i.e. Lemon, Vanilla, Coco Powder) and you have a perfect new addition to your Donut game!

This recipe is also perfect for either 12 normal sized Donuts OR 24 Mini Donuts. Beings that I have a massive sweet tooth, I went with the Mini’s to try and have a little more self control. Well, I also threw them into my friends faces so I didn’t have to take any home.

The Glaze

When uttering the words Maple and Bourbon, they just sound like they should be together. Like Peanut Butter and Jelly, Beer and Pizza, Football and CTE (too soon?), they just work. The brand of Bourbon doesn’t really matter (I actually found that the less expensive, less smooth Bourbon can be better because of the more assertive flavors.) but the cheaper you go with the Maple, the more sugary/bland tasting glaze you will get. Especially being from Wisconsin, just pony up, put your big boy/girl pants on, and get that good good.

“IT’S BACON!” -Dog From Beggin Strips

I know there is debate on how to cook Bacon. Some swear by pan fried, some swear by oven baked, some just f***in’ swear. There is only one way of making Caramelized (Candied) Bacon: Oven Baked. It cooks evenly and it won’t burn the Brown Sugar to shit. You can see that I still put Black Pepper on Candied Bacon, too! You can’t see the Brown Sugar…cuz there isn’t any on there yet. Whoops.

Brunch, Anyone?

Let me climb up on my soap box. *Clears throat* BRUNCH SPOTS SHOULD HAVE BREAKFAST FOCUSED APPETIZERS! This also goes for morning Tailgates. Going out with friends or meeting up for that 11AM College Foozeball Game never equals having enough breakfast apps! Throw my friends and I a pound of Bacon for $10 or these Maple Bacon Bourbon Donuts for a bagillion dollars and I am sold!

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