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drawing of life sized macaroni noodle standing next to bearded man with backwards hat

If you were wondering, this is how into Mac and Cheese I am! Outside of maybe one other thing, Mac and Cheese has been my favorite thing to cook. The awesome thing about perfecting Mac and Cheese is the fact that every batch I get to munch. And oh boy, do I munch!

The Perfect Combo

There are 2 things I have been trying to perfect in my Mac: the perfect amount of creaminess, and the perfect combination of cheeses. I’ve tried so many different things for creaminess. I started off using 2% milk, then bumped it up to whole milk, and then used half-and-half. They all added some creaminess, but when leftover (although still tasty), the creaminess had diminished. KEEP READING!

3 kinds of shredded cheese

As for the cheese, I did a vast amount of research on different cheese combinations, and I have tasted some of those combinations. I loved some, and I absolutely hated some. But through the testing, I landed on this combo and it is damn near perfect.

Mac and Cheese, Please!

bowl of mac and cheese topped with bbq sauce, bacon, and jalapenos

With the addition of my key ingredient, the combination of cheeses, and additional spices, this is some of the best Mac and Cheese you will ever eat. I legitimately mean that! There is a perfect little kick from Chipotle, a relatable and memory inducing Cheddar flavor, and a subtle smokiness from Smoked Gouda!

Ribs and Mac-and-Cheese…a combo made in ‘Merica Heaven! Check out these Smoked Ribs!

The Additions

This truly is a great base for a Mac and Cheese. The possibilities are endless! Maybe deep fry some Chicken, toss it in some Buffalo Sauce, and crumble some Blue Cheese on it to make yourself a Buffalo Chicken Mac. Take it to a whole new Wisconsin level by grilling up some Brats, add some Beer to your Cheese Sauce, and caramelize some onions.

chopped bacon in from left, charred jalapenos behind.

To keep the Mac at a solid baseline but add even more flavor for the masses, char some jalapenos and candy some bacon. Chop it all up and add that smoky, spicy, sweet, and salty blend to the top of that Creamy Bowl of Cheesy Mac! Hit me up if you want some of the other recipes for your Classic Mac!

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