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My top 4 foods to eat while yelling at a TV (i.e. watching Sports on TV) are: Burgers, Wings, Chili, and, you guessed it, PIZZA! I really enjoy getting some delivery and sitting my happy ass on the couch with the only work I do is pulling out my wallet and walking up the stairs. Other days, making these homemade Italiano Personal Pizzas are where it is at!

pizza slice away from rest of pizza

The Sauce

onion in pan
onion and garlic in pan
simmer pizza sauce

This is the hardest part of the entire Personal Pizza…AND IT ISN’T EVEN HARD! It is also the part of the recipe that adds the most flavor. This sauce is not just for Pizza either. If you need a super tasty, very quick and simple Italian red sauce. By simple, it takes like 10 minutes and the ability to open up a couple cans. YOU GOT THIS!

The Personal Pizza

The truly great thing about this recipe, HOW CUSTOMIZABLE IT IS! Obviously, I made a simple, albeit, delicious Cheese Za. It is a literal blank canvas. You like anchovies on your Pizza? Use this recipe. Do you like the ever so controversial Pineapple on your Pie? Live your heart song and toss them on there. Or, ya know, just still with some classic Pepperoni, Sausage, Onions, etc.

Not only that, you can pretty much cook this in any cooking apparatus you own. Pizza ovens, pizza stones, oven, Pizzaz, grill, or even a smoker! That means you can make there for lunch, dinner, for tailgating or for an after hours meal when you’ve had a few too many cuz your team lost AGAIN (I’m looking at you Bears fans 🐻)

Want to make your own crust…with beer? <<<Check out this Beer Pizza Crust

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