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STL And The Fried Pasta Pocket

As a lifetime Brewer fan, this will hurt a little to say…the St. Louis Cardinals (and St. Louis as a whole) will always have a special spot in my heart! Especially because of FRIED RAVIOLI! STORY TIME!

Towards the end of last year, the ol’ fiancé and I decided, “Hey! Let’s take a road trip!” After perusing all the interwebs, the industrial city of St. Louis wound up on the docket. A mere 5-hour drive, which is nothing for anyone in the Midwest where statements such as, “Ope! It’s only an 18-hour drive! Might as well skip the flight.” are not all that uncommon.

To STL We Go

Anyway, after a couple of long shifts we were off! We did all of the things we were told to do and all of the things we wanted to do. From breweries (including Anheuser-Busch…which was super cool!) to local eateries to the BEST ZOO EVER to one of the best ideas of them all…a Wild-Card Race MLB game between the Cards and Dodgers! Honest to god, one of the coolest sporting events I’ve been apart of! The tickets: five bucks a piece (FOR THREE ROWS BEHIND THE DODGERS BULLPEN IN LEFT). The pitchers: THE Clayton Kershaw vs. Gomber. With no horse in the race, it was so hard to not cheer for the home town Cards. So, that’s what we did! Also, at the time, a Cards victory helped the Brew Crew. Win-Win! The Cards disappointed with a loss but, the game and atmosphere didn’t!

busch stadium from left field

But, Why Ravioli?

Annnnnnd, now that I’ve lost you with all things not to do with Ravioli (or its Fried cousin), what the hell does Fried Ravioli have to do with literally anything St. Louis?? Welp, after all the research we did prior to going to the Show Me State, turns out frying up some ravioli with a side of dipable marinara is not only a big thing, it is kind of what the St. Louis is known for. After being down there for 5 days, WE NEVER HAD THEM, well, in the classic form. At a little place called Salt+Smoke, we had Burnt End Toasted Ravioli which were ungodly. Seriously, a life alerting art form, however, it wasn’t the classic.

toasted ravioli
(photo credit Feast Magazine)

The Now Times

Enter the 2019 MLB season. From April 22-24, Yeli and the Brew Crew are trying to upend the ever-so hot Cards. I figured, now more than ever, I would whip up some of the BEST Fried Ravioli, ever! And on top of that, why not make my own dipable Marinara and some Parm/Garlic Sauce that rivals that of BWW’s. Here. We. Go.

How to do the Damn Thing!

Set up your dredging station. Season your flour, always. Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Oregano, Salt, and Black Pepper. Switch up the seasoning based on what you are making. Mixing 1/3 Buttermilk with 3 Egg Yolks is the perfect combo. Place Panko in a bowl. DONE! Panko is perfect.

Now for the Best Part…the FRIED RAVIOLI

fried ravioli in foreground. 2 dipping sauces in the background