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pimento cheese sticks and pimento ranch

It feels like 5 months ago I was writing about The Masters, not a year! Oh, wait…what a weird year! A mere 5 months ago, I brought you one of my favorite things I’ve made for this page: Pimento Mac and Cheese! It was truly incredible! Creamy, delicious, heart stopping…literally. Obviously, beings that it is The Masters, I had to do another take on Pimento Cheese! Now teeing off, the winner of the greatest app in golf tailgating history, a 2021 creation: Fried Pimento Cheese Sticks! **with Pimento Ranch**

A Tradition Unlike Any Other

Tradition is something that is seen throughout ALL sports. However, golf is absolutely INSANE when it comes to tradition…honestly, to a fault, but that’s neither here, nor there. I’ll jump off my soap box now…The Masters has an amazing tradition of good, cheap food and beer!

masters food sign

Prices have gone up a little, but still! Could you image going to literally any other sporting event and not having to take out a second mortgage just to eat a f***in’ brat?? How amazing would that be!? As you can see, with cheap food and beer prices, they hook you up with some Tylenol and Aspirin. A nice little hangover cure! The 3 foods that stand out though: Egg Salad, Ham-and-Cheese on Rye, and PIMENTO CHEESE!!

A New Tradition…Unlike Any Other: Fried Pimento Cheese Sticks

You always see Pimento Cheese Sandwiches or dips. Last year, I took that to a new level…hell, 2 years ago I did, too! I had only made Main Meals…that needed to change. Don’t worry, you won’t see a Pimento Cheese dessert next year. Gross. I did, however, want to get super creative with some appetizer action. Obviously, I could’ve just made the dip and called it good. Well, that is boring as hell. Let’s get some Fried Pimento Cheese Sticks going, right?!

Fried Pimento Cheese Sticks

pimento cheese sticks

I mean, come on! Look at these perfectly fried morsels! Unlike most of my food on here, these do take a little more prep time, waiting, and messy hands. Why, Mr. Foodie guy? Well, these are like mozzarella sticks, the internal product needs to be frozen while it goes into the fryer/pan! If they’re not frozen, you won’t have cheese sticks, that’s for damn sure. Here are some helpful hints and also products:

rectangle ice cube tray
Rectangle Ice Cube Tray
3 slot lunch container
Lunch Container for dredging station
frozen cheese sticks
Frozen Cheese Sticks

You should start this process the night before! This will ensure that the Cheese Sticks are frozen prior to frying. If you go on Amazon, you can pick the ice tray (I got the 3 pack) and lunch container for super cheap. PLUS, they’re super reusable! It is obvious what the ice cube trays are for…I hope. The lunch containers, on the other hand, may not be. They make the perfect dredging station! Use 3 of them on putting the product (AP Flour, Egg Wash, Crumb) in the large section. The smaller sections can be used for excess product that needs to be knocked off!

Pimento Ranch (ALL OF THE PIMENTOS!)

pimento ranch

I decided to be a little…A LOT extra with these Pimento Cheese Sticks. Why not make a dipping sauce that follows suit then?? Ranch is king in the Great White North. Second soap box time: BLUE CHEESE IS SUPERIOR TO RANCH! **Steps back off of soap box** However, the fresh Dill and Chives with a hint of Buttermilk took this shit over the top! Somehow, the ranch lightened the heavier, deep fried lumps of cheese!

**Beer Pairing**

Spiked Arnold Palmer

Hornell Brewing

Review coming Thursday!

Season like The Foodie, for The Masters! CLICK TO GET YOUR OWN!

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