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hickory smoke coming from a smoker for the Drunken apple crisp

When you think of a grilling/smoking competition, you don’t think of “Drunken” Apple Crisp…and if you do, well, I don’t believe you. You, Sir or Ma’am, are a liar.

But, Why Do It Then?

granny smith apples coated in brown sugar

After years, 4 to be exact, of being beaten down by the voting systems in place at Grillin’ For A Cause, my brother and I were at a loss. We absolutely LOVE being the creative ones. The team that forces people to jump out of their norm, their comfort zone to try something new. The team that puts together 3 Cheese Grilled Cheese with Tomato Basil Soup…all on the grill! After all of these years, we realized no one has ever landed a good dessert.

BAM! We have a general category, but now what to make. My brother and I very recently decided to jump into the smoking business…wait, that sounds bad. We both bought smokers! So, we decided we wanted to smoke a dessert. After A LOT of research, we landed on Apple Crisp for the simple fact that it not only holds the smoke flavor, but the apples and the smoke compliment each other so well! And then we added 2 different kinds of Revel Stoke Whiskey

How To Make “Drunken” Apple Crisp

The absolute greatest part of this is that, while I am putting in the leg work for the flavor profile, you just need to peel and chop some apples! During the past few years at “Grillin’ For A Cause”, we worked our asses off during the competition. We had no time to sit, no time to chat with the visitors, and definitely no time to overcome the hangover from the Sieg Classic. This year we decided to relax a little bit yet bring fantastic flavors to all those in attendance…and we did not disappoint!

apple crumble before smoking with crumble on top

Just above this is a picture of what your Crisp should look like pre-smoking. It is legit, super simple. Once you have the hard part of slicing the apples finished, you pretty much just have some cooking to do. The fun thing about this is that if you don’t have a smoker (which if you don’t, go buy this one!), you can easily bake it in your oven!

The Finished Product

finished apple crumble with crust

The nice thing for you is that you’re probably not making this for a cooking competition. Therefore, you don’t have to make 5 whole cast iron skillets worth of apple crisp! THAT’S 16 POUNDS OF GRANNY SMITH’S! The other great thing is…well…you get to eat this award winning dessert! I do have one major tip for you: When the “Drunken” Apple Crisp is all done in the smoker/oven, you need to let it rest for AT LEAST 30 minutes. If you cut right into it, you’ll have dessert soup, albeit, delicious. The resting time gives it the opportunity to solidify and become the glorious work of art it is!

Two 1st place trophies in front of smoker. tailgate foodie sticker on front

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