Cranberry Brat Burger-How To Make Other Tailgaters Jealous

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The Cranberry Brat Burger Conception

The Cranberry Brat Burger is just straight up Wisconsin in a hand-held, edible creation of awesomeness. First off, when I was creating this recipe I thought about all of the flavors that would work together specifically from Wisconsin. A lot of food from Wisconsin can be VERY heavy with no relief. With brat meat, it is no different. Add cheese to the top of it and put it on a pretzel bun, you have that exact same heaviness. The more I thought about how I wanted to make this a well rounded sandwich, I landed on the usual to cut down the heaviness: sweetness and some acid. Enter: homemade cranberry sauce and sauerkraut.

cranberry brat burger on pretzel bun, topped with sauerkraut. Has small grill behind it with and people sitting in chairs blurred in background
Tailgating is pure joy! Great Sports. Better Food and Drinks. The Best of Friends.

The Stack

Even though this is a slider, this small package is packed with SO much flavor. It is also very complex with a great mix of flavor profiles. The stack is as follows:

Pretzel Bun: A fantastic way to add flavor and even better texture. Make sure to put it on the grill for a bit to warm it up!
Cranberry Sauce: Subtly sweet with some tartness to really help round off the flavors.
– Cranberry Beer Brat Patty: A classic Wisconsin Beer Brat with Craisins mixed in!
-Swiss Cheese: Some added creaminess. You need something with a little zing to it, though!
– Sauerkraut: Speaking of funk! Throw on some kraut for a nice kick of acid!
– Other Pretzel Bun: This isn’t an open faced sandwich…

The Sauce That Completes It All!

Let’s talk about the sauce! This sauce is a crazy concoction to make sense of this “Wisco” slider! What a lot of people don’t know about Wisconsin is it’s huge connection to the red fruit we call Cranberries. I know Wisconsin has a festival for pretty much anything, and you guessed correctly, it has a Cran Fest.

The best part about this is the fact that it is healthy! It has fruits and veggies! Don’t worry about the brown sugar and molasses…they’re both natural and organic…HEALTHY!

Check out where we had these over the weekend, here!

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