Copper State Brewing Co.- Where Great Beer Meets Better Food

Copper State Brewing Co.

copper state brewing co.
Great Picture…Except That Stupid Car.

Driving up to this brewery felt familiar, in the best way. An old red brick building. An awesome outdoor patio. A gigantic silo in the background. And a huge…Copper State Brewing Co. logo?? Ahhh! That’s what it is! This used to be Hinterland Brewery (<—CLICK the Red to see Hinterland’s write up! Finish this first!) I’ve only had one of their beer prior to coming here, but a couple friends of mine told me it is one of their favorites in Green Bay. Sooo, I had to go, right? Right! Let’s jump into the awesomeness that is Copper State Brewing Co!

The Brews (and Booze)

beer flight
“That’s A Cool Ass Pic-i-nic Basket, Boo-Boo!” -Yogi Bear (probably)

Coming into this wood laden brewery, I had only tried one beer from Copper State Brewing Co. That beer was a Coffee Peanut Butter Porter. Wayyyy back, before my website was even off the ground, we went to Beer and Cheese Fest (<—Come hang out with me this year!). Outside of one other beer, this porter was my FAVORITE! I always said, “I can’t wait to get up to Green Bay and try it in the brewery!” More on that beer later…

Stilt Stepper:NEIPA (Back Left)- A perfectly balanced NEIPA! A subtle sweetness on the nose, hoppy and tart to finish. Look up why they named it Stilt Stepper! Pretty cool story!
Bare Brick:IPA (Front Left)- A bitter, citrusy classic IPA. I would put this in my “regular” list (if it becomes available to me!)
Oktoberfest:Marzen (Back Right)- As many know, I am in the midst of “Marzen Mayhem” (<—Check out the other Booze Reviews!). This Marzen is much cleaner and less malty than many of its counter parts! I like this change of pace in the Oktoberfest style!

Nitro Coffee Peanut Butter Porter

nitro coffee peanut butter porter
Marcellus Gilmore Edson would be proud!

Yea, this beer gets it’s own paragraph. It is honestly one of my favorite beers ever! I have had a few peanut butter beers in my day, but this is the only one that nails the actual flavor. Most come across as burnt and just straight up not peanut butter. On top of all of this, it’s on Nitro! This gives the head of a beer an added texture of smooth and creamy. The perfect pairing for this beer. Honestly, the only reason why this isn’t rated even higher is because of it’s richness. I can only drink one of these and I would have to switch. (4.5/5)

Bloody Good Times (<—Get it??)

copper state brewing co. blood mary

In classic Alyssa fashion, Bloody Mary’s were to be had. One sip in and she had a big smile on her face. Her only negative, more spice was needed.

The Food…and FOMO

copper state brewing co. appetizer menu
copper state brewing co. pizza menu

Not going to lie, we struggled deciding on what to get. We were told their pizza was delicious. After reading the “Pub Fare”, there were another 3-4 things I wanted to order. And wait, A CRAB CAKE BLT? What is this place doing to me? We landed in the middle: 1appetizer, 1 pizza.

The Pre-Game


I know, I know, we eat a lot of wings. But, I mean, if you think about it, isn’t that what tailgates are for?? I just made Smoked Wings for fantasy football! (<—Check them out!) But, when you see something like “Maple Buffalo Sauce”, you have to jump on that boat and see where it goes. It went to heaven, ladies and gents. It went straight to heaven. HO-LEE SHITE! Sweet heat is the perfect description, but the other addition to this plate made it even tastier… real Blue Cheese! What a perfect combo, yet an unlikely duo (Maple and Blue Cheese!).

The Pizza Times

Wood Fired Awesomeness On A Plate.

Rocambolesco: 1) An old Italian word meaning “The writer of food blogs will soon run this S***! (i.e. The Tailgate Foodie) 2) The name of this pizza.

I know what you’re thinking, “That doesn’t mean that!” or “The writer of this is off his rocker!” You would be absolutely correct on both of those. Anywho, they have a killer selection of pizzas, but we wanted something classic. Some red sauce, meat, cheese, and perfectly baked crust. Man, they nailed it. This was pure bliss. Simple and amazing. The crust needed a little bit more doneness (but that’s my opinion and I am nitpicking!). The sauce had a subtle sweetness that paired perfectly with slight spice from the meats. And the freshly shaved Parmesan took it to the next level with that sharp, savoriness it is known for!

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

copper state brewing co logo and beers

FOMO is real! Every single time someone else’s food came by, we stared and wished it was ours! The Tacos went by, I regretted not getting Tacos. The Crab Cakes went by, ugh, I regretted not getting Crab Cakes…or the Crab Cake BLT! Man, I could’ve went for one of their Burgers, too! The end game was damn near perfect though! Wings, Pizza, and Beer, what else could a guy and girl ask for. Well job, Copper State Brewing Co., well job.

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