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Colorado Green Chili

Green Chili (or Chile Verde) is very heavily rooted in a couple places…New Mexico and, wait, Colorado? YUP! There is a relatively large fight between those states on who’s is better. Through my “research” (Google-ing for all of 5 minutes), the rivalry is about as gnarly as the “Beans/No Beans” battle! Let’s be real, I don’t care who’s is better…or if you put or don’t put beans in your chili. All I know is, you’ll want this herby, acidic bowl of “Colorado Green Chili” in your belly!

The Complex or The Simple

At its base, Colorado Green Chili is Salsa Verde with Pork Shoulder chunks in it. Homemade is the way to go, ALWAYS! But sometimes, time gets in the way, or in all honesty, sometimes you just don’t feel like putting in the time. I GET IT! Hell, you can even split the 2 ways. Maybe you’re feeling some Pork Shoulder smoking but not roasting off some Veg. Or vice versa. Either way, I’ll explain how to do both!

Complexity At It’s Finest (For The Foodies!)

Homemade is ALWAYS going to be the best way to go. As far as Colorado Green Chili, what you’re going to get by making it yourself is freshness! With all of the fresh veg to combine, what you’ll get is some acidity from the Tomatillos, a kick of heat from the Jalapenos, some earthiness from the Poblanos, some punch from the Onion, and a sweet, aromatic flavor from the Garlic!

Enough about the Veg! The classic Colorado Green Chili simply has cubes of perfectly seasoned Pork Shoulder. Don’t get me wrong, Pork Shoulder is good but Pork Shoulder Burnt Ends are GREAT! I got creative with this one! If you have a smoker, like me, these morsels of goodness are pure perfection! (You can very easily make these in the oven, too!) The heat you get from the Burnt Ends Sauce mixture, mixed with the sweetness from some honey and smoke from the smoker, the Pork Shoulder bits become these very savory, heat filled morsels in the more acidic base of Salsa Verde! Such a perfect combo.

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Simplicity Is Sometimes Just Easier

Like I said before, this can be cooked many different ways! My suggested way is with the smoker and dutch but here are some other options! You can cook the entire thing in a Crock Pot, in a regular large Pot, or all in a Dutch Oven.

Crock Pot– Pour Salsa Verde into Crock Pot. Season Pork Belly Cubes. Brown eat side of Cubes. Place in Crock Pot. Simmer on high for 4 hours (adding Chicken Stock as needed) or on low for 8 hours.
Pot or Dutch Oven- Same direction as Crock Pot…except faster! Brown the Bits in the Pot or Dutch Oven, then add the Salsa Verde directly into pan. Pull when the Cubes are tender or 165F.

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