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chimichurri aioli

If you’ve never had Chimichurri, go to the grocery store right f***in’ now and buy these ingredients! I’m just kidding, I don’t like to tell people what to do. But honestly, this Argentinian sauce is the perfect sauce for cooking and a table condiment! This right here, is the wifeys favorite sauce. It is herby, vinegar-y, and a little spicy. While making the Philly Cheesesteaks (<— check out those sammies!), I wanted to do a another twist and Chimichurri is perfect for steak, soooooo, here is a bomb Chimichurri Aioli!

Let’s Start With The Base


Chimichurri by itself is glorious. You can put it on Steak, put it on the table in bowl with some bread for dipping, and in the famous words of Guy, “I could put this on a flip-flop and it would taste good.” It is damn near perfection. So, why change it up and make it into an “Aioli”?

To answer that question, I have to talk about the prep. There are 2 ways I like to make my Chimi: Rough Chop (pictured above) and Emulsify with the Olive Oil. No matter which way you prepare the Chimi, it is fairly thin and runny. I wanted to add creamy to make the perfect Sandwich! Just like the Garlic “Aioli” I shared, I am well aware the way I make it isn’t actually an Aioli, but saying Chimichurri Mayo doesn’t sound fancy. It is 2020, I can call it what I want, damn it! *EDIT* “Aioli’s” made from Mayo will hence forth be called Mayoli’s. Thank you, Wife.

But…But…What Do You Put This On?

Steak Chimichurri Sandwich

Skadoosh! Take a look at this beaut! Obviously, there are so many different things that this Chimichurri Aioli will pair with but the creation of this sauce was for this sammie. I actually did a riff of this a couple of years ago and this version was SOOOO much better! Changing up the sauce to a creamier version along with the correct cut of Steak took this over the top!

The Stack

Chimichurri Aioli: The creamy with the herby! The perfect sauce for this sammie.
Pickled Red Onion: Red Onion pickled in Red Wine Vinegar, Salt, and Sugar for an hour(ish). The perfect punch of acid.
Sirloin Steak: Sliced thin and simply seasoned fried up in a Cast with some butter!
Feta Cheese: A nice punch of salt!

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