Chicago Dog-A.K.A. The Loyola Dog

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In the famous words of Sister Jean, “The Chicago Dog is the best damn hot dog in the entire world!” Alright, there is no proof she said that…but there also isn’t any proof she didn’t? If you don’t know who Sister Jean is, you haven’t watched College Basketball for the past couple of years! Loyola University always has a pretty fantastic record, but they never have a great seed for March Madness. However, with the helping hands of Sista Jean, they always seem to have a MAJOR upset. This year just so happened to be against Kofi Cockburn (lol) and his Illini friends. For taking out those FIB’s (even though they’re FIB’s themselves?), I wanted to make something to try to help them continue their Cinderella story: The Chicago Dog!

Sweet. Heat. Beefy. #chicagodog

chicago dog with basketball in background

No other place has such a healthy variation of a hot dog! You have to “drag it through the garden” in order to get the Chicago Dog. On it’s surface, it looks like someone had a shitload (sorry, Sister Jean…) of veggies in the fridge that were about to go bad and said screw it! Let’s throw it on a hot dog. HOWEVER, when you take a couple of bites, you realize there is some genius that went into this! Sweet from the Relish, heat from the Sport Peppers, fresh from the Tomato, and beefiness from that Vienna Dog. Sounds like a complete meal if you ask me.

Where’s The Ketchup??

lowcountry gold mustard bbq sauce

“You can have any condiment on your Chicago Dog, as long as it is only Mustard…” -Henry Ford (2008)

So, actually, why no ketchup?! One theory, a now famous Hot Dog vendor said that Ketchup is used to cover up rancid meat…his Dog’s didn’t need any covering. Apparently, every other vendor thought, “Yea! That’s probably true! F*** KETCHUP!” And that is the true and only theory…in mind anyway.

The Stack: Chicago Dog

chicago dog in front, basketball in back
  • Poppy Seed Bun: If your bun doesn’t have little black dots, you’re wrong…
  • Vienna Dog: Beef…It’s what’s for dinner!
  • Tomato: The perfect amount of freshness for this classic.
  • Dill Pickle Spear: Wait, are we just eating a Sandwich at this point?
  • Sport Peppers: Most things need a little kick! The Chicago Dog is the same.
  • Sweet Relish: Life is about balance! Add some sweet!
  • Onion: Why the hell not? That’s why.
  • Mustard: Don’t even think about Ketchup. Those are fighting words.
  • Celery Salt: To make you want a Bloody Mary, I think?


beer can on right, beer on left

Sun Crusher

Revolution Brewing

Beer review coming soon!

Season Like The Foodie!

lowcountry gold, black background

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