Celery Slaw-The Real Dip Every Bar Should Be Serving Up

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Celery Slaw

celery slaw in bowl, surrounded by carrots and celery
Alright, It’s More Of A Dip But It Sounds Healthier This Way!

Every time I go out and get wings (Check out Chicken Licks!), or make them myself (Check out my Smoked Wings!), I get one of a couple choices for dipping. The classic of Blue Cheese or the Wisconsin special, Ranch. But when you’re like me and you LOVE both, WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU DO?! You make some Celery Slaw and….sneak it in to the bar.

Make The Slaw!

Here’s the thing, what makes the Celery Slaw so great is because it is a combo of both of those sauces…and so much more! When you mix Ranch with Blue Cheese Crumbles, throw in some Mayo and a touch of Sour Cream, you get a delicious dipping sauce. It’s heavy, though. The wings may cut it but why not balance that sauce out! Add some acid, fresh veg, and a single fresh herb: DILL! Fresh Dill really takes this Slaw/Sauce/Dip to the next level! It really breaks through not only the rich, creamy base but of some of the spice levels that may be in the sauce.

buffalo chicken in bowl, surrounded by carrots and celery
Yup! It’s Perfect For Buffalo Chicken!

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