Brownie Bottom Cheesecake Bites-Tailgating vs. Couchgating

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Brownie Bottom Cheesecake Bites

brownie bottom cheesecake cup filled with cheesecake, topped with red sauce. same bites fuzzy in background
Just Add The Raspberry Sauce…Even If You’re Allergic…

When throwing together, I mean, meticulously putting together the recipes for all of these dishes, I have to consider quite a few things. Is it the right time of year to make this? Is the food able to be eaten while standing? Will the food hold up? Then again, some of these recipes are more for “couchgating”, or sitting around at your friend’s and watching games with a plate on your lap. This Brownie Bottom Cheesecake represents the best of both worlds!

Tailgating With The Bites

brownie bottom cheesecake cup filled with cheesecake, topped with red sauce. same bites fuzzy in background

Size is everything! “That’s what she said.” -Michael Scott. You don’t want a big dessert (or really any meal, for that matter!) while standing around. You want something that you can eat with one hand while holding your choice of adult indulgence in the other. In no way do you want to have to sit down with silverware and your finest china to cure your sugar craving. That is where these Brownie Bottom Cheesecake Bites come into the picture! Most people are used to eating cheesecake as the full form, silverware and plate in tow. But here we are, getting that same slightly tart, rich flavor in handheld form!

Couchgating With The Bites

brownie bottom cheesecake cup filled with cheesecake. same bites fuzzy in background
Or Don’t Add The Sauce. Either Way, I guess…

The best part of this recipe is you can change the size and even style completely! If you’re chilling at home with all of your friends and you have your insulin pen laying around, why not make the entire cheesecake, instead of the bites?! In all honesty, it is less time consuming and it is literally the same taste and texture. Buuuuut, you don’t get as many servings. You have to make that decision yourself. ALL FORMS WORK FOR COUCHGATING, THOUGH!

How It Is Made!

  1. Make Brownie Batter. Only eat a little of it. You’ll need most of it.
  2. Make Cheesecake Mixture. Dip your finger into Brownie Batter, dip other finger in Cheesecake Mixture. Mix in mouth, only do that once.
  3. Bake Brownie Batter. SEE HOW PRETTY THAT LOOKS?! It doesn’t f***in’ matter. BREAK THAT BATTER UP! (I took a picture of the broken apart brownie…it looked like chorizo. I did NOT keep that picture.)
  4. Put brownie mix in baby cupcake pan. Mold batter and add Cheesecake Mixture. Place back in oven.
  5. Pull again. Make sauce and reduce it! Add it to the bites!
  6. BE HAPPY!

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