Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies-FullMingo Cookies!

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Forward Madison Flamingo’s

graphic flamingo in logo saying forward madison. roman numerals of 2019 on bottom.

For the first time in city history, Madison has a professional soccer team! They’ve been playing since late February and lead their league in attendance. You know what comes to mind when I think soccer?? Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies! They’re circular like the ball…and that’s about it. But when you dunk them in Dyed Chocolate Ganache…they’re pink like the Forward Madison Flamingo’s uniforms!

Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies

small brown sugar chocolate chip cookies in a batch

Okay, so, these cookies don’t really remind me of soccer…like, at all. HOWEVER, they make the perfect pre-game and/or post-game dessert! These cookies are unlike any cookies I have made before because of the ingredients involved. On top of the ingredients, have you ever had a dipped cookie?? Exactly. Perfectly different.

With a Forward Madison FC game coming up this weekend, I figured what better way to honor the game against Orlando than to make cookies…dipped in pink chocolate! If you want to see some super artistic cookies, check these out and realize how amateur I am! <——(CLICK RED WORD!)

small brown sugar chocolate chip cookies in a batch. some dipped in pink ganache

The Run Down

  1. This dough is going to be a little more wet and buttery looking than you may be used to. THAT’S THE GOAL!
  2. These don’t flatten out like other cookies while baking. Before you start baking them, smash them down a small amount using a spatula.
  3. When you pull the cookies out, sprinkle a small amount of sea salt on top!
  4. Let the cookies cool down for 20 minutes and start dipping the cookies (ONLY HALF!) in the ganache.
  5. Set them up on a wire rack to let the excess drain.

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