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brisket sandwich

Brisket. A meat that I always said was overrated. The reason: the cost at a good bbq joint. The cost of goods vs. taste weren’t there for me. THEN, I started to make my own Brisket and damn, the taste…well, the taste is ON POINT! Plus, I’m not paying $20-25 per pound! However, I have already written a Brisket post, a Smoked Brisket post at that (<– Click the red if you want to see the run down!) Therefore, the creative juices had to get going for the Wells Farms Recipe Challenge. Not much doesn’t go with our BBQ Sauce, and everything goes with cheese! WHAMMY! Brisket Sandwich with Hatch Chili Cheese Sauce, at your service!

Brisket Sandwich

brisket sandwich

Let’s be real, I don’t have to explain why you should make this. Just look at the picture… Smoked Brisket. The most perfect BBQ Sauce. A Cheese Sauce that you can just make for chips, too! And…and a bun that will make you reevaluate your views of life.

The amazing thing, though, YOU DON’T NEED TO SMOKE THIS! Don’t get me wrong, the smoke helped carry the flavors, but the reason I say that is because I LOVE SMOKED MEATS! I’ll explain in the recipe card how to do this without a smoker. Honestly, without a smoker, you could knock this entire thing out in 2-3 hours if you needed to.

The Stack

brisket sandwich

Soft French Roll: I’m a Wisco boy. That means Kwick Trip basically runs my life, and I am more than okay with that! Snag these and change your life forever. If you don’t have KT, first: Sorry. Second: get a soft, semi long roll.
Smoked (or not!) Brisket: This is a Smoked Brisket Flat. I seasoned it with our Steakhouse season…Holy. Shit.
Hatch Chili Cheese Sauce: White Cheddar and diced Hatch Chilis…what more do you want to know??
The AllAmerican BBQ Sauce: The perfect amount of heat, sweet and savory for this sammie.

A Recipe with Two Recipes!

hatch chili cheese sauce

This Cheese sauce is just stupid. It is perfect for the Brisket Sandwich, but…but…but it may be even better as an app for some Tortilla Chips! The perfect amount of seasoning from TTGF Burger Blend and a touch of heat from the Hatch Chili’s. PLUS, REAL WISCO SHARP WHITE CHEDDAR!! There isn’t much more that can get a Midwest Cat like myself going!

**Beer Review**


Season the Brisket Sandwich like The Tailgate Foodie

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