Brinner Burger- Breakfast for Dinner… A.K.A. The Most Importanter Meal

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the word "brinner" spelled in various breakfast foods

Brinner is the BEST! Make it a Brinner Burger and you’re set! Honestly, if I had to choose any type of meal for the rest of my life, it would be breakfast, always.  The fun thing about breakfast is that sometimes, in the morning, you don’t want a super heavy meal. You just make a couple of eggs, or some pancakes, or a couple strips (*pounds) of bacon, pour some OJ and call it good.

What’s the Big Deal about Brinner?

Enter, Brinner. You have a little more time to put something together and all you must do for the rest of the night is cheer on your favorite team or binge Game of Thrones. It could only be one or the other. No adulting happens after supper.

1950's diner woman holding sign that says todays special: brinner

Anyway, you know what ANOTHER awesome thing about making breakfast for dinner is? You can pair your meal with…beer! I mean, you could do that with normal breakfast, but you might get scolded for that. Or at least questioned pretty significantly about why you’re drinking beer before 8 AM.

The World’s Best Brinner

You can do any breakfast food for brinner (and that’s the beauty of it!). However, whenever I go to a restaurant and they have a “Breakfast” Burger, it is usually a straight forward burger with an egg on it. While always delicious, why not take it to the next level and make that cash?! I decided to hell with that and put a whole bunch of breakfast into one killer sandwich. I present to you: The Tailgate Foodie’s Brinner Burger!

The Brinner Burger Stack

brinner burger with bacon, sunnyside egg, chipotle ketchup and pancake buns

Let’s start with the patty. Instead of a classic burger, I mixed breakfast sausage and hamburger at a 1:1 ratio. The patty was fried up in a cast iron for a beautiful crust and then placed on a small stack of thick cut bacon. An obligatory (but necessary!) sunny side egg was put on top of the meats for some extra creaminess and richness. Lastly, to really bring brinner to the table, some chipotle ketchup! The most obvious difference, the “bun”. Why do a brioche bun, a pretzel, or an english muffin, even? Step up the game with beer pancakes! Seriously, this breakfast/brunch/brinner sandwich was nearly perfect! You could throw some peppery arugula on this to truly perfect it, though! Or add some spicy maple syrup!

P.S. Check out what the beer I used for the Beer Pancakes tasted like by itself: Milk Stout by Left Hand Brewing!

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